Focal Point: Victor’s Pre-Baptism Preparation

I was asked by a fellow coworker to photograph her son getting ready for his baptism this Memorial Day weekend. Who would have thought that he would go from nonstop crying and pouting to being quite the joyous kid after he settled down in his new clothes! All he needed was his Nikon point-and-shoot and in came the smiles; not to mention his curiosity for pushing the red light on my 430EX II.

At the church, I was surprised to see so many “official photographers” roaming the floor and snapping photos of all the kids getting baptized. Apparently, it’s a big opportunity for photographers in this particular community to sell their images and even put them on merchandise to up-sell to the families. From my perspective, it seemed a tad intrusive at times, but it was probably just culture shock for me. Many times, initiative is what gets the shots, which generally leads to success (in both profitability and recognition).

Once again, I have to hand it to the EF-S 17-55mm wide angle lens. For a crop sensor-based lens, it works wonders in almost every situation I’ve been thrown in front of. Even Victor approves.

Happy (early) Memorial Day, everyone!


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