AnoHana 08: Desperate Communication

The moment the (former) Super Peace Busters realized those words in Menma’s diary were probably written in near real-time had to have been the biggest sentimental (and even somewhat supernatural) shock I’ve ever seen in a while. It must have been difficult on a completely different level when she was the one that barely shed any tears over her situation despite everyone else doing just that. It says a lot about Menma’s character in both past- and present-tense, even when she’s technically not around to directly mediate the quarrels between her friends.

I don’t think I’ve had a chance to blog this show for seven-plus episodes now, so a lot of characterizations, emotions, and plot took place between then and now. Without going too much into detail, we’ve reached the point in the story where all of the guilt and uncertainties between the group of friends will come to surface and eventually dissipate for the sake of a greater meaning and satisfactory resolution. But when it comes to such a serious and emotional situation as potentially losing what you’ve grown comfortable to have/be with, it goes without saying that all of the sobs and tears this episode did those feelings justice. Life goes on, but many need proof beyond a doubt that they can continue on rather than putting good ol’ faith and trust first and foremost.

Another thing I’ve come to like about this show is how they use the beautiful ending song to mix in with next episode’s preview (which apparently shows more tear shedding and guilt). I’m guessing that’s either Yukiatsu or Tsuruko bawling; I’d be more inclined to seeing Tsuruko finally shed some emotions at this point.

Also, the contrast between Jintan’s calm and collected father versus Menma’s alienated and emotionally damaged mother served as a great reference for the importance of parents within the family. Although, it’s interesting to see how the characters would react if it were Jintan in Menma’s shoes instead. Would they proportionately act the same way?

In any case, beyond the sixth-sense puns, this series has been shaping up to be one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen in terms of pacing and character fleshing. The show really makes you feel like you are/were part of the same traumatic experience as the group, and you just want to do everything in your power to make everything right again. Single best advice for situations like this? Simple: forgive, but never forget (the good).


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