Hidan no Aria 08: Ice Cold Princess

Kinji’s Hysteria Mode reaches new heights this week in terms of length of time used in one episode, as well as the quantity of women he happens to use it on. As much as it is used to get him and his comrades out of tough situations during battles, it’s still hilarious how Shirayuki and Aria fall for it each time. Who’da thunk his lock picking skills would skyrocket just in time to escape the oncoming rush of water?

What seemed like more of a Shirayuki arc than Durandal (partly due to how we never got to see her actual form until the latter half of this episode) wound up being a very nice way to bring out Shirayuki’s character. It’s comforting to know that she can bring more to the table than just being yandere for Kinji and a love rival to Aria. When she obtained a duplicate card key for his place, however, I totally felt it was game over for him. Poor Kinji.

Jeanne d’Arc’s/Durandal’s reveal was rather lackluster. If not for her looking and sounding (voiced by Ayako Kawasumi?) almost exactly like Saber, I’d say she’s a rather forgettable villain. She could have made due with one episode instead of nearly three or four. Thirty generations later and she still hasn’t at least adapted some firearms into her arsenal?

Looking back over seven episodes prior, this show definitely has moments that make me scratch my head from how the characters get themselves into rather over-the-top situations (e.g. landing a plane themselves when they’ve never been educated on how to, bicycle hijacks via rifle-on-Segway). If taken from the perspective of good, clean entertainment, this show delivers it nicely. You just have to remember to not take things too seriously and just enjoy the ride. At this point, this wraps up Shirayuki’s attempted kidnapping and being tempted into joining EU (or Club 33 if this was Disneyland), which brings our focus back to psycho-nuts Riko. Not sure if was partly due to gg fansubs for their troll subs, but I really enjoyed her arc. Anything to bring back tension to our main characters again would be a warm welcome, whether it’s by hijacking a plane or Segway-mounting a rifle to chase you down on your bicycle.

Yes, I know I mentioned those situations twice. Yes, I enjoy them immensely. Now where’s that on-switch to my brain again?


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