Brandie’s Sweet 16 (Preview)

Strobes, backdrop, umbrellas, and Pocket Wizards. All of these are equipment I’ve never had to personally set up, man, and calibrate before, but I’m proud of the initial results.

For the most part, the photoshoot part of Brandie’s party went flawlessly, save for a few shots where I’m sure I could have positioned the booth 90-degrees another way to get more backdrop whenever more than three people showed up. Having props is definitely necessary for quick, goofy photos that help subjects relax as you snap away (thanks, Vivian!). And one thing’s for sure – the unexpected moments in between the planned shots are always some of the best that will come out of the camera. This is something that Justin taught me a while back during one of his and Lo‘s photo shootouts that has helped me so much since then.

Special thanks to Kevin for allowing me to borrow the equipment for the day, Wynston for helping me test out some shots, and Vivian for supplying props and some of the cleanest and creative decorations I’ve ever seen; I can’t imagine what they’d be like at grander, wedding-scale events.

Update (7.17.11): Photos now on flickr and can be viewed here!


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