Hanasaku Iroha 10: Workaholic

Anyone who’s ever worked so hard while forgetting about their own health will have a lot to relate to this week. Ohana continues her due-dillegence as Kissuisou’s up and coming waitress by taking on more than her normally assigned duties entail, but makes the rookie mistake of not calling out sick when her health begins to decline. Then again, it’s kind of hard to call out sick when you live where you work.

Of all ten episodes, this had to have been the most down-to-earth, or otherwise close-to-home episode I’ve seen. Much of the delusions that Ohana suffered as a result of her illness, all while going through stages of denial of her usefulness to the staff, could be relative to any hard worker out to prove oneself. In this case, Ohana’s character sparkles shines even more this time around, proving that she’s devoted to absorbing all of the experiences that otherwise would have been denied from her when living with her rather careless mother.

Speaking of careless mother, next episode’s preview seems to reveal more of Ohana’s childhood, which would unsurprisingly build upon  how dependable Ohana can be (since her mum isn’t).

My one gripe about this week was leaving television on. Seriously, who does that?! It might just be me, but I personally do better when there’s peace and quiet as opposed to white noise (if you can call it that) from a buzzing TV. On top of that, wouldn’t it be easy to garner illusions from daytime shows? One minute, you’re watching from the other side of that glass, and the next minute you’re in the show itself. I dunno. The only thing to back this up is that Nako insists that it helps rid of the illusion of emptiness in the room. Perhaps I’m just more zen in my approach to illness recovery or something and don’t need the illusion to fill up a metaphorical space.

I digress.

Ahaha, oh Tooru. This entire scene had me cracking up from how he spoils her with get-well food. Good news is that a good chunk of the scene isn’t a delusion because even Minko gets flustered about Tooru’s worrying and planning on making dishes for Ohana. Mmm, dem strawberries.

If this were Denpa Onna, Minko would be outscoring Makoto on major puberty points (well, if she were a guy anyway). I guess calling a sick coworker/classmate/roommate ‘balut’ while she’s sick would disappoint even Minko herself. Good for her for showing her true colors and being truthful as a friend to Ohana again.

I really do hope the writers expand on the deeper meanings of Ohana’s dreamworld. When you have Ohana declaring to a fading dreamworld Kouichi of her sincere love for everyone at her new home right before the credits roll in as she beings crying (again), you know something important isn’t being told to us about her true emotions. But it was well played and helped Ohana realize a more meaningful sense of belonging in her new surroundings. Everyone at Kissuisou showed so much support this week, and we got to see each character’s personality quirks again – from Tomoe and Nako’s big-sis attitude to Tarou’s poorly written ero-novels. And for ten episodes in, we still have fourteen more to explore more dynamics of the daily lives of the staff.


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