Nichijou 10: Flowing Noodles

Poor Annaka. All she wanted was some noodles on a nice, summer day at the neighborhood park. Is that so much to ask for?

(Would have been even better if that was Tsukasa getting trolled. Balsamic vinegar would be used instead of cold water, and the noodles would be a chocolate cornet. Oh Lucky Star, how I’ve missed you.)

The entire nagashi somen skit was the best part of the episode. First, Annaka misses the first (and only) actual serving of noodles, and then goes and gets owned time after time by getting used chopsticks to handle a freakin’ baseball coming down the bamboo half pipe. Then the wife’s husband comes home after his failed travels of trying to find the best somen around, and Annaka is shooed away as if she wasn’t supposed to be at the park in the first place to witness all of this. I have a feeling even Annaka’s voice actress got trolled for this part.

It’s a shame that the only relatively normal character out of the entire cast gets trolled as well, but it’s still way too funny.

Speaking of trolls, Yuuko gets it pretty bad this week with her attempts to covertly enter her classroom late. At this point, it should already be known that Mai is the only one behind the antics despite not seeing her at all during this segment. But stained glass windows? In a Japanese classroom? Genius. So much light comes in from the windows anyway that those types of windows would be utilized best.

And of course, Yuuko’s efforts all go to the wayside when she finds out after she finally gets through the door that the class actually moved elsewhere for the day. Burned.

Mai is still the queen of trolls in this series. Even from the beginning of the episode, she totally messes with Yuuko and Mio during a session of Red Light, Green Light. Even better if, after taking her shoes off and sitting down in front of the two, she took out a pot of tea, poured three cups for each of them, and started drinking all three.

Or the housewife from the somen skit came around and served Mai actual noodles.

“Even though I grow from praise, I don’t get praised at all.”

I think I’ve been watching too much of Softenni in one sitting. I almost expected her to have darker brown hair and flames in her eyes. I’m sure if that was Mishimagi-sensei in the background, she’d be acting much differently.

Hakase’s attempts at using the older-sister gene fail miserably. Just because you put your hair up in a ponytail doesn’t mean you can run the show. It was hilarious seeing her putting her hair back down as soon as Sakamoto revealed that older sisters don’t like snacks. Can’t deny that you’re still a child, Hakase.

One thing Nichijou got right that Lucky Star didn’t was using the right amount of charm to make their respective show’s side characters shine just as brightly as the main cast. Nano and Hakase have been a great testament to this formula for ten episodes now, and there’s no stopping them. It makes me wonder what Hakase was like during her terrible two’s – something I’m oh so eagerly awaiting from my own nephew.

Yuuko stalling for a very long time before doing her homework is something I’m sure many can relate to (and we still didn’t actually see her start it). I used to do it all the time, even to the point where I would start for a good fifteen minutes, then get distracted by something else and stall again for longer. I guess that’s why I had so many late night study sessions back in school.

Let’s see: Yuuko’s mom was a former pro wrestler. Mio’s mom plays kick volleyball with the neighborhood team. I can only imagine that Mai’s mom is some sort of high-grade intelligence officer for the JSDF who secretly trains with Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao in her spare time. No wonder we never see Mai’s folks.

Hurray, a new version of the ED song! Following along the lines of ED version 3, we’re presented with smooth, upbeat, jazzy and almost samba-like instrumentals accompanied by the usual light and fluffy vocals. The studio could probably put all four versions on a CD and I could listen to the entire thing contently They’ve actually gone and put all of the versions on one CD already before I realized what I was typing, so there you go. Now I have to go and buy this at Kinokuniya somewhere.

I haven’t blogged about this show since episode 5, and there isn’t anything that much newer in its formula beyond finding innovative ways for the cast to troll no one else but Yuuko each other. The advantage to this is that if you’ve grown to like this series, it consistently helps you enjoy the characters and jokes little more after each new episode. Even new characters get a chance to make some waves with their personalities. The only thing that’ll probably be hard to believe is if, after only three or so episodes left to air, the show never sees a second season. I feel like I’m going to be missing a good dose of weekly trolling if that happens.

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