Black Rock Shooter + Chan x Co

So, AnoHana just ended, Gosick is approaching its finale, Nichijou’s antics are continuously refreshing, Denpa Onna’s favorite blue-haired former alien is starting to warm up to reality, Hanasaku Iroha’s drama is reaching its mid-season climax, Deadman Wonderland is getting more gruesome by the episode, and Hidan no Aria’s action scenes continue to lower my IQ. Yep, I’m behind on anime blogging. For the mean time, here’s a photo I snapped of nendoroid Black Gold Saw by ever-so-favored figure maker, Good Smile Company. She has some friends to accompany her, as well.

I’ve taken a step back from blogging about the shows I’m following due to work getting a bit hectic and taking some time after work to understand photography a bit more (specifically, lighting and flash). I’ve basically been a self-taught, on/off photographer that started eight years ago and is just now starting to get a little more serious about the passion. Full time? Not really, and probably not for a while. Gigs? Here and there.

One of the biggest things I learned recently is how to utilize strobes to light subjects appropriately instead of relying strictly natural lighting, which you may or may not see in this post. Normally, I’d have thought that it took some expensive studio lighting to light these figures up (and it more or less is true), but now I’ve realized that my handy external flash is a bit more powerful than I initially made it out to be. Sure, I could probably use a second strobe and remote triggers to eliminate some shadows, but you gotta work with what you have, right?

So beyond the photography talk, Black Rock Shooter was a series that I was able to see thanks to Good Smile Company packaging the OVA with my purchase at Anime LA last year. I was intrigued by the character designs (especially the chanxco versions) that I had to pick up Dead Master when she also became available. Eventually, Black Gold Saw (in the middle of the above photo) was released and I found her on sale recently at the local Kinokuniya. Strength should be up next in August!

Sadly, Black Gold Saw is only seen in the first fight in the beginning of the OVA. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a great animation to watch and get immersed in.

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