A Word from Anime Expo 2011 (post-con coverage, photos, etc.)

I’m back! But I’m still not quite settled in from the five days of pure awesomeness that was Anime Expo this past 4th of July weekend. So a quick note before I’m able to get to the photos and coverage later this evening:

Cosplay Photography
Thank you so much to all of the cosplayers and photographers I met this weekend! I’ve traded some of my business cards with you so that you can check out the photos, as well networked with some of the other photographers from the convention. I’m looking forward to sharing with you my pictures and thoughts on AX, as well as checking out photos from those photographers I met. I hope you enjoyed the show, and stay tuned for your photos!

Day-to-Day Post Format
In my tradition of attendance, I usually went straight to posting photos to facebook and flickr after the convention. This year, there was so much exciting material covered at the panels I attended that I may actually be releasing photo sets through flickr, then panel coverage here on this blog periodically (starting with Day 1) so that the photos can be referenced before the posts come out. I understand how important it is to have photos up first (because they speak a thousand words, of course), and it’ll work out perfectly since the staggered release of my own written coverage will allow me to be flexible with posting time frames.

It was exciting for me to push my limits and be a bit more hands-on with the convention; perhaps this will prepare me for when I’m eventually able to make it to press-status and do this a bit more professionally and timely (i.e. having the convenience of exhibitors’ wi-fi). Having no real, dedicated and easy-to-access internet coverage, coupled with jumping around to so many events/panels made it really difficult for me just to sit down and dump my photos to my laptop.

So be on the lookout tonight and tomorrow for my contributions to what I believe was the most in-depth, exciting, and rewarding Anime Expo I’ve ever been to since I first started going six years ago!


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