Anime Expo 2011 [Preview]: Days 1 and 2

Still working through photos from day 3 and 4 in between the full-time job and settling back into my place (and life in general). So for the mean time, here are ‘preview’ links to the flickr pages that contain my photos from days 1 and 2!

Starting with day 1, we have this photo of the lovely ladies of the hit Japanese band, Kalafina, gracing the red carpet leading into the Los Angeles Convention center just before opening ceremonies. Their most popular single has to be “Magia”, which was popularized as the ending theme song to the also popular anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I didn’t get a chance to see their sold-out concert or attend their panel, but I heard they had a fantastic performance.

Day 1 photos here.

For day 2, we have a quartet of Vocaloid cosplayers in the Nokia Plaza, just outside of the Nokia Theatre right after digital diva Hatsune Miku made her first American concert debut. I didn’t think I was going to be that impressed by the concert at first, but my expectations were completely blown out of the water; it was a great performance! I think having an awesome band to back up the digital vocals and visuals helps a lot.

Day 2 photos here.

Days 3 & 4 are on their way shortly, followed by specific blog recaps of each day’s events as I experienced them. Huge thanks to all of the cosplayers who allowed me to take photos of them (and for doing such a great job with their outfits), to the new and old friends I met along the way, and to the readers who have and continue to visit this blog and check out the photos! More good photos and talks of good times ahead…


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