Anime Expo 2011 Day 3, On Its Way…

You know you’re quite a bit behind on Anime Expo posts when Crunchyroll already posts about the Hatsune Miku itasha, Danny Choo indirectly hints at looking your business card in the near future (yay, I made the pile!), and one of your own favorite anime blogs gets around to blogging about the convention two weeks later. Eek.

Day 3 photos are just around the corner, followed by Day 4. For the mean time, here’s a teaser of one of my favorite Day 3 photos that I posted on my facebook of voice actresses Stephanie Sheh (Yui Hirasawa), Cassandra Lee (Ritsu Tainaka), Christine Marie Cabanos (Azusa Nakano), Cristina Vee (Mio Akiyama), and Shelby Lindley (Tsumugi Kotobuki) of the English dub cast for K-ON!, jamming with the audience and working up a flurry of cheers from the show’s first season hits. Huge kudos to Bang Zoom! Entertainment for a great job with the casting. Though, I have to say that the actresses who play Mio and Yui most closely resembled the characters they represent; especially Mio with her stage presence.

Photos to Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2.


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