Anime Expo 2011 Day 3 [Preview]

Perhaps I should follow in Madoka’s footsteps and sign a contract with Kyubey to help me get these Anime Expo posts up to speed?

Day 3 photos can be viewed at my flickr gallery here.  This day’s photos were relatively narrowed to very specific events; one in particular being our trip to support our good friend Allison as she closed out the weekend with her friends/AX roommates at the last Maid Cafe shift. So many Jenga moments without the actual Jenga pieces.

And meeting and greeting Danny Choo of Culture Japan was definitely a big highlight and honor to me.

Day 4 is somewhere on my memory cards, begging to be uploaded and worked on. For now, here’s another teaser photo until you’re able to peruse the flickr gallery:

Mio’s English voice actress rockin’ out on-stage during the K-ON! mini-concert. I sure love concert photography.

Day 3 photo gallery

Prior galleries:
Day 2
Day 1
Day 0


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