Anime Expo 2011 Day 4 [Preview]

As far as photo updates go, I’m officially finished uploading all of the Anime Expo 2011 sets, rounding out all of my five days’ worth of experiences with this last set for Day 4. Do I still feel nostalgic about the entire experience? You bet. Am I still a little starstruck over some of the great guests of honor I got to meet? Uh huh.

July 4th marked the final day of the convention, and the festivities still felt as intense as Day 1 (and in some cases, Day 0). My good friend, Wynston Fernando, dropped by to say hello and experience some of the cosplay and exhibit hall goodies. Good Smile Company and Nitroplus put on a really entertaining and informative panel. Yet ironically, after we checked out of our hotel and gobbled up some remaining minutes down at West Hall just standing around, it still seemed fitting enough to leave in the middle of the day. I think we had all gotten our even fill of fun and experiences that the drive home in and of itself was a rewarding little trip.

So what comes after all of these photo updates? There are still little tidbits about each day that I want to cover, so I’ll be devoting my time to writing up some specific experiences that I had this year. This year’s Anime Expo definitely raised the bar once again – everything from Mikunopolis to Culture Japan/Danny Choo, Good Smile Company and Miyuki Sawashiro, all of the magnificent cosplayers – and I’m curious to see how next year’s lineup will fare. Already got next year’s badge?

Day 4 gallery here.

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