Mayo Chiki! 01 & 02: First Impression

Butler turns out to be female; has to be kept a secret to stay at her master’s side or else she’ll be disowned. Throw in a nose-bleeding, easily misunderstood male protagonist, dump them into a high school environment, and make him the son of a famous professional female wrestler with a sister whose moves are just as unforgiving, and you’ve got yourself one fine piece of comedic ecchi-grade entertainment.

For two episodes in, I’m really enjoying the cast both audibly and visually. Does it help that Eri Kitamura, Satoshi Hino, Miyuki Sawashiro, Yuka Iguchi, AND Kana Hanazawa are all voicing the main characters of this Studio Feel project? It certainly helps that I’ve now seen Sawashiro-san and Kitamura-san in person at the past two Anime Expo conventions here in L.A., but it’s also their long line of work that I’m familiar with that adds to the awesomeness of this show. All we’re missing now is a visit from Kana-tan as a guest of honor.

The ridiculous moments in this show (like Kanade dropping that knife and holding Kinjirou hostage in the above snapshot) add to a lot in entertainment value. I almost feel sorry for Kinjirou and how he has to put up with his family and a seemingly crazy Kanade/Subaru tag team, all in the name of keeping Subaru’s true gender a secret.

Adding to the appeal is all of the snowballing of misunderstandings about Subaru’s gender. By the second episode, it leaves people to think Kinjirou favors men (oh man, that entire physical exam scene? rofl), and now Kureha herself is now in love with man-Subaru after getting back-kicked in the face by her. And the fun doesn’t even stop there…

Kinjirou scores major adolescent points by having to use his Sheep Card to get Subaru to call him master. And what does he use it on? To make her talk like a sheep. I nearly lost it just as badly as Kinjirou initially did.

In terms of slapstick and ecchi humor, Mayo Chiki! delivers. It already ups the ante with its second episode by developing Subaru and Kinjirou’s friendship while introducing some more of Kanade’s whacky servants. And its simple premise of perverted encounters mixed with what looks to be some genuine romantic tension (am I saying that too early?) makes for a show that can easily be digested in between some of the more slower and even slightly more radical series I’ve had a chance to watch so far.

Chance of watching: 100%
Chance of blogging: >90%, as long as the funnies stay fresh and consistent. …okay, maybe they don’t have to be fresh, but at tasteful at the least.



2 thoughts on “Mayo Chiki! 01 & 02: First Impression

  1. The first epsiode was not too pleasing for me, but the second one was better.

    At first I thought it would be similar to Ladies Vs Butlers, but I wrong seeing as this is going to a different place. It is still on my watching list though.

  2. The first episode definitely could have been executed better. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Ladies vs. Butlers yet, but I would say that episode two was very reminiscent of Love Hina! Except maybe umm.. you know, less innocence lol.

    What’s the appeal of Ladies vs. Butlers?

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