Jarel’s 1st Birthday

My nephew turned the golden age of 1 two months ago and I’ve been meaning to share the photos out since then. Many of us woke up really early (even before the sun came up) to reserve a spot at the local sports park for his birthday bash. The food was good, the cake was delicious, and the guests and their children were really fun to hang around with on that chilly Sunday afternoon.

After I saw the hard cover book my sister and brother-in-law made for the celebration, I was amazed at how much of a difference print can make! If only baby Jarel wasn’t just recovering from a minor cold earlier in the week. The windy weather didn’t help much either, so we all made sure he stayed warm and snug and tried to keep his mind off of the cold by giving him lots of attention.

Congratulations to my nephew for an awesome birthday! I’m sure next year will be a blast as well. Maybe we’ll even get to go to Chuck E. Cheese next time. ::gasp::…

More photos can be viewed here!


3 thoughts on “Jarel’s 1st Birthday

      • Yeah. Walking good enough and getting into things, lol. She has an older sister by a year, so that was part of learning how to walk quicker.

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