Nichijou + Whiteboard Trolling

Had some friends over. Made some takoyaki (well, one person did and we all enjoyed it), watched some anime (and a little bit of Mikunopolis for nostalgia’s sake), and drew on one of my whiteboards. As if nyan-cat wasn’t already awesome, the Nichijou reference took it a step further in hilarity. Curious about why the hand is pointing downward? Check this out:

It’s from Nichijou’s 4th episode as Mai trolls Yukko into constantly psyching her out so she would lose focus on the test Mai already finished and that Yukko has yet to start. Mai = brilliance. The show’s already on its sixteenth week or so, and it still isn’t letting up steam. Stream of the scene below…

And I’m still working on labeling and tagging the photos from last night, but here they are anyway!


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