Sacred Seven 01: First Impression

Tandoji Alma possesses an unusual and powerful ability to take on supernatural creatures by nearly turning himself into one during each new encounter, but only the young female head of a rich and equally powerful company (economically and politically, apparently) has the power to contain and harness its true potential. Hey, at least it’s not a Soul Gem she recovers from him.

Well, that was a fairly simple premise. The last Sunrise Animation production I remember seeing was the Mai- series, and even those works were sub par at best in delivering quality stories. Or maybe that’s why I’m such a simpleton to be sold on the idea of Ruri’s army of maids that can willfully blockade any intersection, provide sniper cover from afar, drive like wheel(wo)men, provide heavy weaponry support, and protect innocent civilians from harm’s way. I don’t mind at all that it makes for an easy way for Alma to face off against creature-of-the-week.

I also wouldn’t mind if Ruri’s acquisition of the entire school that Alma attends allows for said maids to become the primary staff. That alone needs its own spinoff. Sacred Seven! Fumoffu? anyone?

I also have to admit that Onigawara is a darn good supporting character despite not being human and all. He’s not a perfect slab of stone, but he certainly tries. Also, those emoticons that appear above him are genius.

I’m with you on this one, Alma. I give your show one thumb up until you falsify your entertainment value with horrible subplots and bad/missing character development.

Oh, and a lack of maids as well.

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