Nichijou 16: T is for Tall


Have you ever ordered an espresso from a coffee shop and thought it was going to be an actual cup of coffee? If not, then you may not have resonated with Yukko’s palmface upon its disappointing size and bitter taste. But then again, espresso has its own origins, so shame on Yukko for not understanding or asking about details prior to ordering!


It’s been a while since I posted anything about Nichijou, but this episode had so many good segments that I had to bring it back. On top of her failure to understand coffee shop lingo, Yukko gets shot down by a local convenience store clerk in an attempt to order a super spicy chicken bar (which I’ve never even seen in real life before). Will someone ever cut this girl some slack?


Mio’s complete take-down of Yukko, a community officer, long hat-san, and Koujirou’s goat was completely epic, all the way down to the dramatic music. It didn’t help that she had the same yellow bag that the officer identified as containing the counterfeit bills. Come on, Mio, they’re just drawings.. of two men.. doing special things.. yeaaahhh.

And of course, I still favor Mai of the trio. Next time someone tries to get me to pick which of their hands has the object of desire, I’ll just pull out a green laser and point it at either hand until they give in. Just stay away from helicopters if you plan to do so as well.


Who would have thought Professor and Yukko would have such chemistry! I think Nano clearly represents everyone who never saw this one coming. Pretty soon, she’ll be a regular at the lab.

Finally, we have new OP/ED songs and animation! And Nano fits right in.

Now that we’re into the second season, it seems as though the jokes are becoming a bit more fine tuned and sharper. Nano finally being able to go to school adds a nice twist to the standard Mai-Mio-Yukko trio that causes its own pile of humorous misunderstandings about her nature as an android (or robot?). Nakanojou’s mohawk turns out to be completely genetic (again, who would have thought), Mio’s continued fujoshi antics make the unplanned revealings of her private manga and artwork collection even more uncomfortably funny, and Mai continues to be the passive A-grade leader of trolls.

The charm I find in this series is the time it has allowed itself to cement the quirks of each character into our memories from each passing episode, and continue building and tearing them down as needed. And in the end, it’s still just about the everyday lives of these characters. Simple, entertaining, and distractingly funny.


4 thoughts on “Nichijou 16: T is for Tall

  1. Actually, Nano originally went to school with all of them from the start in the manga. The animators decided to delay it until now.

    • Based on your experience with the manga, do you think that was a good decision? I can only guess that it helped separate the Nano/Professor segments from the rest of the show and to help the series last two seasons.

  2. Personally, I would like to see it as how I originally viewed it in the manga which would lead me to decide that it was a bad choice. However, it does make perfect logical and most reasonable choice to seperate the arcs such that it would attract a greater amount of audience. The key issue here is that you miss out on one of the “implied” gags based upon your original knowledge of the characters. example in the manga is that you don’t know Nano’s true age and had a feeling that she was much older and you later find out shes one years old living with a child proffessor once sakamoto enters the story. Overall I just love how they animated it and have no problems with what they changed! In my view this series is one of the well animated and makes you feel the need to watch next week’s episode.

    • Looks like I need to pick up the manga then. I did that with Azumanga Daioh and was pretty entertained. There’s a nice difference between an animated version versus its manga counterpart in that it seems as though you can either up the pace or slow it down to your liking when you flip through the pages.

      Speaking of implied gags, is it just me that I’m noticing the jokes have been hitting their mark more frequently in the later episodes because of the fact that I hadn’t read the manga? I vaguely remember quite a few jokes going over my head in the initial set of episodes.

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