Usagi Drop 02: Daycare Blues


Everyone’s favorite super well-behaved little munchkin returns for another week of lighthearted moments so lighthearted, you would think you’re watching an extended version of the most lighthearted moments of The Pursuit of Happyness. I was kind of waiting for Daikichi to start whipping out medical devices  here and there to sell to prospective medical practices.


So when Daikichi follows through with taking Rin to a distant daycare while he scurries off to his job, my heart sank a bit. It was easy to predict that Daikichi would eventually realize that what he was doing to Rin is how she had been treated even before he took her in; it was just a matter of how soon or later he would realize it.


And it wasn’t so easy seeing all of the kids leave before her. I remember staying late in middle school quite a few times because either of my parents were too busy with work to pick me up on time, so I can definitely relate. It’s not always easy, but it’s interesting now to see it from an adult’s perspective several years later. I’m sure Rin will appreciate it someday.


Only two episodes in and I already love the chemistry they’ve built up as a surrogate family. You almost completely forget that he’s her aunt. The only downside is the flip side of the entire situation – there’s bound to be some heavy drama up ahead at some point. At least the relationship between these two is developing nicely enough to warrant some tension with Daikichi struggling to manage work and caring for Rin and Rin dealing with their separation and her loneliness throughout the days. I’m sure this dynamic duo can get through anything… until she gets into high school (completely guessing here based on genera, realistic adolescent trends). But then again, she’s so darn well behaved that I doubt there’s too much for Daikichi to worry or even care about later on.


It’s okay, Rin. I believe you. Sweating in the middle of the night is perfectly normal. -_-

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