Hanasaku Iroha 16: Action!


Looks like Kissuiso and staff are set to appear on the big screen at some point. Aside from the Hollywood-esque flair of camera crews and glistening actors suddenly populating the relatively small inn, did anyone else get Spike Spiegel vibes every time Isami uttered a word? I was kind of hoping he’d say “bang!” at least once before one of the shoots.


So I leave this show alone from blogging about it for five episodes and this is what happens? It’s either just plain awkward or ironically interesting that Ohana and Nako are out and about on a hot summer afternoon pretending to be Hogwarts students for reasons still beyond me. Do they think the movie is going to be a fantasy or something? Or maybe its an intentional viewer’s mirage. Yeah, I dunno.

I haven’t even seen the latest HP movie, but the timing of this episode and the last movie’s release was great. I wonder how many HP (and for that matter, Ohana) fans went wild after this and the scene when Ohana looked constipated when trying to actually lift off with her broom.


In between Enishi’s frequent flashbacks of his mother and sister when the pool wasn’t a giant rotting piece of mold, I was surprised to see him and Takako get along so well. It helps to know that they’ve been acquaintances/friends since her college years; she actually has a decent character when she’s not trying to utterly fail at managing the inn in place of Sui. Also, there’s no doubt at this point that Ohana’s mom would do a really good job as Kissuiso’s new manager at some point later in life, but it definitely poses a question as to whether her return will really happen. I’m sure if Ohana kept it up (and based on when Yuina was getting rather jealous of her as potential co-manager to Yuina’s childhood friend), she would eventually just stay at Kissuiso and inherit the leadership instead of Satsuki.


I take it more back story behind why the inn is being used for filming in the first place will eventually be revealed, but it’s nice and convenient to get the girls in the abandoned pool to clean off all of the mold. Judging by next week’s preview and Enishi’s several delusions, the pool will be a nice little connecting point for a few things – the history of the pool itself, another attractive location for the film, a reason to snag more customers, and Takako’s dere-dere mode. Actually, Takako going dere-dere is the biggest reason I can’t wait for next week. Is she going to call it quits or something upon realizing she actually isn’t needed at Kissuiso?


You know what? Nevermind. I’m only interested in three things for next week at this point: more Renji pimpin’, Yuin’s random somersault, and Ohana going H.O.T.D-zombie mode on the entire staff after she’s “shot” twice for the sake of the movie production.

Actually, I forgot to mention the fourth and primary reason for looking forward to next week: Chef Minko. Aww yeahhh. Forget dere Takako.


2 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha 16: Action!

  1. Is it me or does the director seem a little shifty…? He does not seem very trustworthy to me. I am surprised that the manager is allowing the filming to happen, but I guess it maybe a learning experience for Enishi. He does seem a little to trusting.

    Oh and Ohana and Nako on the brooms. Yeah…weird, lol.

    • Yeah, he kind of came out of nowhere. Then again, Enishi seems prone to being desperate on bringing people on board for Kissuiso to be more profitable, regardless of their background.

      Sui has been an interesting case since the first episode in terms of her acceptance to change, imo. It seems to me that she has a hidden glamorous personality that she’s been suppressing for the sake of keeping the inn traditional. Maybe Satsuki is the embodiment of everything Sui keeps to herself about.

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