It’s The Only NEET Thing To Do 02: A Case of Millions


Alice and crew’s mystery-of-the-week format brings us into the next arc about the disappearance of an ex-Yakuza father and his daughter’s will to find him and bring him back home. The premise wasn’t as controversial to me as the case that was solved in the show’s introductory episode, but at least we get a sort of cliffhanger and a change of focus: what’s Narumi going to do to help the situation?

What an awkward situation. Leave it to some Yakuza cronies to download malicious content and get porn spam across their desktop and to have a high school student fix it for them. I had to point this out because it was pretty funny, but it was a strange way to add in humor right before Narumi’s deadly serious talk with Soichirou about what he thinks are shallow reasons for Narumi helping Meo. Hints about Soichirou’s involvement with his own group seem to signify a side story at some point with some deeper and darker twists to befall him.


For a second episode, I’d say the show’s off to a great start, but I already see pacing problems if the writers have to drag this arc out beyond next week. I saw how using an hour time slot worked for the first episode, but a story like this lacks the big ‘oomph’ to carry on longer than two weeks.

But then again, as long as we get more Alice in post-shower hair drying scenes with shaved ice, blushing Yakuza, and bro massages, I think all will be fine. Let’s see if Meo, Alice, and company find her father alive and well and fall back into happily ever after mode, or if she’ll just wind up using the money to either better the world or buy Alice some more cola and stuffed animals for her snazzy apartment.


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