Sacred Seven 02: Parachutes Not Included


The monsters get bigger, Onigawara gets prettier (not one ribbon but two!), Alma learns how to do the cut back drop turn, the American military utterly fails to securely transport a top secret object, and Ruri seems to have no sense of safety because she absolutely refuses to use a parachute when diving into an ominous red cloud with nothing but gemstones and her belief that Alma will protect her. Let’s just toss out the common sense and over-the-top situations and enjoy the show.


Sacred Seven is shaping up to be the Hidan no Aria of the Summer lineup in that we’re forced as viewers to shut off any sense of logic and cheer for our protagonists. But this time around, I’m not so sure if the world that this show is set in is conscious of it. Also, I’m not going to lie when I say that it helps to have some relevant voice actors behind the animation. It was bugging me for a while that I kept thinking of a blonde Ranka behind those green eyes, only to find out it’s actually Megumi Nakajima voicing this rich heiress turned Darkstone-thirsty revenge loli. As much as I’m a fan of her voice acting and singing roles, I’m still not used to her attempts at portraying the darker side of Ruri…

…Which made this scene of her slapping her butler Makoto Kagami a bit of an awkward moment. As for the slap itself, I think one of the sound engineers loves it or something because it was rather loud for someone as small as Ruri. Maybe she’s just good at slapping people around. Makes you wonder if she does that to any of her several maids.

I’m not too familiar with Alma’s voice actor (Takuma Terashima), but he’s been having quite the opposite effect on me compared to Ruri. When Alma is deadly serious, Takuma does a great job with bringing down the tone and adding some harshness into Alma’s voice. On the other hand, scenes like the reveal of his fear of jumping out of airplanes (well, I wouldn’t blame him too much since it was forced upon him so suddenly) made it seem like his character’s awesome shounen attitude dissipated faster than Onigawara’s irritation emoticons. His rather extreme lack of courage despite having his powers was a significant disappointment to me in terms of his character development.


On the other hand, Miyu Irino as Ruri’s butler Makoto is pretty believable, if not too straightforward. On the topic of flip sides, it’s nice to see him in a strong supportive role in contrast to someone like the confidence-lacking Ryoushi Morino in Ookami-san to Shinchinin no Nakamatachi. Makoto’s sternness as he reveals to Alma that he’s already finished studying at Harvard and is only attending high school to help out Alma (and Ruri, naturally) was golden. I’m sure a lot of fan girls will be crushed if he ever kicks the bucket at some point in the series.


All in all, we learned a few important things this episode. Aoi is trapped in a giant gemstone and seems to be one of the main driving points for Ruri to use work with Alma in restoring her back to normal. Alma continues to deepen his bond with Ruri and realizes once more than he cannot be the awesome air diver he was forced to be if Ruri isn’t around to help him perform a magical-girl Darkstone transformation. Wakana Itou (Kanae Itou – Ohana in Hanasaku Iroha and Saten Ruiko in Railgun!!) seems to have an fascination with small, weathered-down rocks, which is how her and Alma met. Alma lost a very precious gem earlier in his life to some very important bullies, so now he’s out to find it at the river with Wakana. Perhaps that missing gem is what will bring Aoi back from petrification! Hmmm.

Oh, and the Sacred Seven originated from falling pieces of meteor that change human DNA whenever someone comes into contact with those pieces. The big question to me at this point now is what the threshold is where someone being possessed (or possessing) a Darkstone is able to transform into a Lightstone. I’m sure that’s what Alma and Ruri are, respectively.


Well, would you look at that? I actually like the character animation in the ED animation better than during the actual show. It’s almost as if I’m stepping into Mawaru Penguindrum with the visuals. Why can’t the entire show be like this?!

Next time on Eureka Sacred Seven: Alma fights more baddies, we meet more Darkstone/Lighstone monsters and users, and we find out why hot pants are all the rage.


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