Mawaru Penguindrum 02 & 03: It’s Destiny!


Leave it to Himari-alter to try and get it through her brothers’ thick skulls that the hat really is keeping her alive. At least that’s what we’re lead to believe at this point. Ringo also returns this week to emphasize the importance of her ‘destiny’ diary, which will hopefully result in different animation for what I’m sure by now is Himari’s highly anticipated episode-opening transformation sequence. This week’s subtle changes were thoughtful, but still too few and far between.

I dig the cow suit there, Himari.


Flashback to last week, Kanba and Shouma discover that Ringo Oginome from a nearby all-girls school has been stalking Keiju Tabuki, who is in fact Kanba and Shouma’s teacher. The two brothers ditch class to follow Ringo’s every move because Himari-alter claims that Ringo holds the penguin drum that is key to saving Himari’s life. The fiasco causes a snowball of a mess as Tabuki informs Himari of her siblings’ delinquencies, Ringo nearly risks her life just to get a photo of a swallow onto her phone to show Tabuki, and the two brothers get themselves deeper into hypocrisy as they begin to realize that they’re doing exactly what Ringo is doing to Tabuki.


So what’s the big deal behind the diary that Ringo whipped out as she was camping underneath Tabuki’s apartment, as well as the ‘destiny’ stamp she used at the end of last week and this week to ‘approve’ of her falsified realities? It says a lot about what the penguin drum really is, why it’s so important, and what it can truly really be used for. Writing out a reality that one only wishes for and stamping it out as if to make it come true seems like what the show’s hinting at. And if so, is the penguin drum the diary itself, or is it the person writing in it? If it’s the latter, then I’d expect to see a whole lot more of Ringo these next few episodes and to have her be the catalyst to whatever Kanba and Shouma are trying to do to save their precious sister.


Biggest bombshell this week? Ringo discovering that Tabuki seems to already have a girlfriend (who happens to be a model on one of the pages of a magazine that Himari was reading back in episode two). The scene with Ringo switching out the pots of curry was pretty creepy, too. I didn’t think she’d go that far to get Tabuki to eat her curry, even if it meant severely burning her hands, but she certainly proved me wrong. And what are the chances of cooking in the same exact size and type of pot? Oh wait, this is stalker Ringo we’re talking about. Nevermind. Even more surprising is how she winds up with absolutely no injuries after her visit to the Takakura household afterward.


Based on what we know about Ringo so far, do you think she deserved to run into penguin #3 and get curry-faced?


Awesome scene for three reasons:

1 – Himari looks just like Hagu from my favorite anime Honey & Clover; how awesome! Her voice actress even sounds like her at times.
2 – Himari in overalls; you know, it never usually works, but she pulled it off. Looking forward to more wardrobe changes!
3 – Penguin #1 adhesive-fail. He and the other penguins plus Shouma tried so hard throughout the entire episode to take the poster off; poor animal can’t even enjoy his dinner.


The writers should just rename her Himari Hagu-chan. It’s so fitting.


Next week: Kanba and Shouma realize that Ringo needs to start writing in erasable ink so that they can change Himari’s fate through pretty pink diaries. Yeah, I think Ringo’s gonna be around for a while.


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