Mayo Chiki! 03: Bedtime Secrets


Kanade continues to dominate the screen with her conniving yet playful antics as she puts a spin on her supposed relationship with Kinjirou. If Google+ existed in their world, she would list Subaru as family, Kureha as an acquaintance, Jirou a friend, and tease Kureha of Subaru’s whereabouts and latest happenings on a constant basis via Public sharing. Better yet, Kanade would just buy Google itself and make Larry Page a butler for Subaru. Crazy idea, but I think it just might work.


So if I understood Kanade clearly, then their little love rectangle goes a little something like this: Subaru is having a bromance with Jirou, who is actually dating Kanade, who knows how infatuated Kureha is since she likes man-Subaru, so they all go on a nice double date to the local pool for some fun under the indoor sun in order to calm down Kureha for finding out that Kanade knows Jirou’s birthmark from being in bed with him. Whew. Yeah, leave it to Kanade to effortlessly handle all of those intertwining relationships between the four of them and still manage to get Kureha to admire her as a respectable older sister. I’d be disappointed if Kanade didn’t go into politics… or should we be afraid if she does?


The significance of their pool visit was two-faced – to tie in a point earlier in time when Kanade and Subaru were kidnapped and brought to an empty room to be held hostage until their captors were caught, and to reenact the kidnapping for Subaru at present time so that she can get over her fear of knives.

I thought the original kidnapping was pretty sad and made for a good reason for Subaru and Kanade to be so close now that they’re a little older, but the faked kidnapping was done rather distastefully. Especially for someone like Kanade who organized the entire thing, I would have expected a better looking (and sounding) villain than a wannabe Chrono Cross version of Lynx. Then again, it’s Subaru’s father that was behind that mask, so perhaps it’s just him being really goofy to want to disguise himself the way he did.


Now that has to hurt. At least Nagare (Subaru’s father behind the kidnapper’s facade) got what he wanted and beat Jirou into a bloody pulp for accidentally groping his daughter in the first episode. He seems like quite the goofy character who becomes stern as he works yet easy becomes easygoing anywhere else.


For a fairly Subaru-centric episode last week, Jirou and company get a nice exchange of screen time and have their pasts revealed. Aside from Kanade and Subaru being kidnapped, Jirou has flashbacks of when his father urged him to find someone he can protect. I’m sure it’s obvious by now that that certain someone will wind up being Subaru, but it’s always nice to see the show develop with that conclusion in mind. Maybe we’ll get some drama between the two that will cause them to drift apart and come back together again or something, a la GOSICK. Oh, who am I kidding; that’s just too dramatic for this type of show.

Either way, next week’s preview is looking like we’re back to focusing a bit more on Subaru again. I’m certainly looking forward to it. Who wouldn’t say no to a little bit of Subaru-nyan and meido Kanade?


Watch the throne, Azu-nyan. Looks like someone’s come to take it away from you.


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