Random Desk Series: Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition Nendoroid

GSC's HMO Hatsune Miku Nendoroid

Not quite the Mikatan of Good Smile Company, but it sure is nice to be inspired. This week’s ‘random desk series’ showcases my Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition Nendoroid in full percussion function on top of my desk at work. Perhaps the most fitting accessory would be her headphones that burst open to the sight of some computer cable connections. Now if she can only charge my laptop!

It’s only a matter of days before the Cheerful Japan! Hatsune Miku arrives at my doorstep, so this is a nice little lead-in to the delivery. As far as Hatsune Miku Orchestra itself, shame on me for not having had a chance to listen to it yet. But wouldn’t it be great if Crypton hosted a followup to this year’s U.S. Mikunopolis concert with a HMO model of her for the audience? I’d approve in a heartbeat.

About ‘Random Desk Series’ – a work in progress, like many other things in my mind for the blog and my photography. It’s more or less a continuation of the Haruhi Disappearance post earlier this year, and a nice little experiment to keep my figure collection updated with new photos to share with others. Who knows, Cheerful Japan! Miku could be next!


2 thoughts on “Random Desk Series: Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition Nendoroid

  1. Lol. Looks nice. I am not Figurine collector, but always nice to see people that do. Can not wait to see next one.

    • You’re probably wise not to get into it. The expenses can add up! But it’s hard not to when you have a favorite character or design that you just gotta have.

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