Random Desk Series: Tokyoplastic Geisha Girl

Tokyoplastic Geisha Girl(s)

Random Desk Series returns with Tokyoplastic’s geisha girl vinyl series, made popular by their infamous flash-based performance in Drum Machine. I didn’t think I was going to Comic-Con this year, so I asked my sister to help me snag (the white and red) one. All that’s left is the SDCC 2010 exclusive with black hair and a red kimono; perhaps I’ll be able to add her to my collection when SDCC 2012 arrives!

Tokyoplastic Geisha Girl(s)

The black and white vinyl design was actually the very first figure I ever obtained, and it happened to be at Comic-Con. Ironically, Saber Lily of Fate/Unlimited Codes was actually a pre-order that I unknowingly placed at the AAA Distribution booth at the same time I picked up Tokyoplastic’s vinyl. Coming around full circle with this figure collecting venture feels pretty good.

The geisha girls come in a nice box about twice their size and sit snuggly into two pieces of formed plastic. The box comes with a collector’s card for reference. And I just found out today that their heads can swivel left and right for added posing options, which would probably make for a nice figure shoot at some point in the near future. In any case, they look awesome next to the yellow painted speaker cones of my Rokit5 studio monitors on my desk at home.

Each geisha girl costs roughly $29.99 USD and can be picked up at ToyTokyo‘s online store. At this time, I believe only the SDCC ’10 exclusive is available.

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