Hanasaku Iroha 17: Heir to the Throne


Kissuiso’s big movie break winds up being as much of a fluke as Yuina’s desires to run her family’s inn in the future. Meanwhile, Enishi and Takako get hot and heavy poolside about the mishaps of the deal, the Ohana-Nako-Minchi trio soak up what little soap opera drama they witness at said pool, and Sui actually admits to wanting to act like a mother for a change?! Woah.


Well, that was a rather quick wrap up to the Spike Spiegel directs a movie mysterious director arc. Apparently, Production Isami was just a big front for Isami to get back at the industry that bit him in the back by taking advantage of the local Yunosagi inn/hotel businesses and obtaining their money to clear his debt. Pity? Nah. Surprised at how nonchalant the entire situation felt between all of the heads of the inns? You betcha. Though, I suppose there wasn’t much they can do in the first place since there’s a lot of variables and stress just to catch this guy; and even then, it’s not guaranteed that he’ll return the money he stole.

About the only thing I predicted correctly from last week was Ohana going zombie-mode. Everything else, including the cake, was a lie.


And this thing going on between Enishi and Takako? Come on, happen already! I thought that was really sweet of Enishi to be persistent in acknowledging that Takako put her all into getting the production team associated with Kissuiso. She may have been utterly failing at managing the inn, but all that matters is that you have the big heart and compassion to back your mistakes, right? At least that’s what Enishi thinks. Me? She’d have been fired even before the first episode aired. Sorry Takako, but you had me at your first bad American-English line.


Ohana’s mom scores more points in the motherly category along with her own mother, Sui. Satsuki had tipped off both Sui and Enishi about the fishy business of Production Isami, but Sui was kind enough to let Enishi experience the burden of responsibility for the failed project. When you gotta grow up, you gotta grow up, and Enishi’s been really been taking it one baby step at a time. Despite both of their acknowledgements as Enishi inheriting the inn, I’d still vote for Satsuki to inherit Kissuiso despite what other viewers and Satsuki herself can pretty much confirm as just not happening anytime in the near future. Period. How about an Enishi-Takako tag team then? At least they have a pool now to vibe out and collaborate on important marketing ideas for their precious vintage hot spring inn turned awkward love nest of sorts. Poor staff if that were to happen.


Next week: Nako onee-chan! Finally, we get some back story behind everyone’s favorite loveable shy waitress who doubles as a star swimmer and caring relative. But I thought she had two brothers? Or is the preview just hinting at loli-trap? Meh, if that’s the case, then at least we’ve only Nakochi to blame.


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