Nichijou 17: Asymmetry


Yukko continues her facepalm streak from last week and gets caught by yet another troll by Mai. Isn’t it hard to walk with that left foot raised so high, though? And when it comes to attention to detail, she even had bird feed inside of the stilt. It’s a wonder that Mai manages to keep doing things like this and still get by with school. Poor Yukko.


It was sheer genius to tie in the cast of Lucky Channel of Lucky Star into this show (Nano excluded). Ono Daisuke as Crow totally took me by surprise, yet he seemed so fitting for the role as this really polite and Bourgeoisie-esque bird picked up off the streets. Too bad for Sakamoto and his scarf theft, though. His own bouts with trying to win back his scarf were outright hilarious, which was amplified when Crow just up and flew away in spite of declaring to return Sakamoto’s scarf. Like how some jokes continue to run through later episodes (i.e. the stained glass classroom windows Yukko tried to bypass to get into class), I do hope Sakamoto somehow finds Crow (or vice versa) or just continues without it until Crow either returns or Professor makes a new one. Scarf 2.0 should be yellow.


One of the biggest draws to this show is how well KyoAni animated and pretty much directed the show. Their clean visuals, especially in this scene that had absolutely none of the cast uttering a single word, really brought out the outrageously operatic orchestra background music. I understand how much drama there is to complete a pyramid of cards, especially when it’s Yukko at the helm of their efforts, but the soundtrack really showed how well this studio can blend the different arts together to create a great medium. I seriously felt like I was watching classic Disney here.


The rapid-fire exchanges of “ehhhhh” between Annaka and Takasaki-sensei were pure gold. Way to put your heart out there only to be on the verge of getting blackmailed while trying to be an honorable teacher and tending to your students’ needs. And poor Annaka gets sucked into another troll-fest as her, sensei, and Nakanojo all get stuck in separate holes in the ground by Nakamura-sensei. At least Sakurai-sensei’s younger brother isn’t that mean to let Takasaki’s secret feelings come to light by the entire school so suddenly. Bribery at its best here.


Fehh. Nevermind. I guess Sakamoto got his red scarf back. Still disappointed he didn’t switch to yellow.


After finally calling Mai out on her trolling, Yukko goes through a pseudo Herbal Essences/magical girl transformation-into-bliss mode and proudly walks out of the classroom to stand in the hallway. Finally! It was such a relief to see Mai get her just-desserts. But I highly doubt that will be the end of her antics. Mai wouldn’t be the same without her usual slew of tricks for Yukko.

I really enjoyed this episode. It seemed so much higher in quality in terms of the comedy and trolling going on between the entire cast. Rightfully so, this week seemed very asymmetrical when compared to the sixteen prior weeks the show’s been airing that it almost seems fitting to up the level of amusement and funnies as much as it was a strange decision to suddenly animate Yukko and her hair a tad better. If the show ended somewhere between episodes 12 and 14, there wouldn’t have been enough time to take the show to the quality it is right now. And since this is a KyoAni manga-based production we’re watching, I don’t think we’re going to see the show continue to go anywhere but up from hereon.

Hopefully my overly-optimistic attitude isn’t just getting the best of me. It also doesn’t help that Nakai Kazuya, the same guy behind Mugen’s voice in Samurai Champloo, narrated next week’s preview. Ah, bias is bliss.


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