Mayo Chiki 04: Butler vs. Maid! Mouth to Mouth?!


Subaru is more or less forced out of the Suzutsuki family mansion because the Suzutsuki family head doesn’t want her or her father Nagare under the same roof if they refuse to make amends with each other from last week’s pool shenanigans. But tension in the Sakamachi household ensues as Subaru really has no place to go other than to tend to Kinjirou, which leads Kanade to follow after her to retrieve her. Meanwhile, everyone’s fantasies about Kanade becoming a maid (or at least dressing like one) come true.

Lovin’ Kanade’s Pheonix Wright “objection!!!” pose.


Because I willingly choose to make my own titles for each episode I blog about, I’m starting to notice that each passing episode of Mayo Chiki is probably going to get raunchier. Butler vs. maid was pretty straightforward, but yes, there is mouth to mouth at some point in this show (with Blu-Ray announcement marquee right at the pivotal scene). I wasn’t surprised Kanade fed the slice of apple to Jirou, but I was almost completely caught off-guard by Subaru chewing the pieces up in her mouth and transferring them to Jirou. Seriously? Maybe it’s one of those instances where you don’t know the beauty of it until you try, but I still think that’s just gross.

Then again, who said this show wasn’t already over the top?


Wait, so what was the point of this week anyway if not just to show off Kanade and Kureha in their maid outfits, and Subaru in nothing but a bath towel? Oh, that’s right. Subaru and her father aren’t on good terms, which leads to the aforementioned butler vs. maid battle, Jirou getting sick because he was in the bath for too long, and Kureha (and eventually Subaru) absolutely freaking out that Jirou might die from the common cold. Lots of good melodrama (conveniently placed during Golden Week) to go around, and the premise of lost family members was kept together nicely in light of all of the mild fanservice.


Aaaand we get more delicious Subaru-nyan.


For a moment, I thought I was watching Bakemonogatari. I’m still waiting for Kanade to whip out some scissors and a stapler or two from that dress of hers.

With each passing episode, it becomes more of a delight to hear Eri Kitamura pull off the sadistic and conniving side of Kanade’s personality, which makes me cheer for her every time she appears on screen. And I’m sure that little twist at the end that she pulled off will do well to play into next week’s introduction of a new female character. Just how close this new girl and Jirou are is a mystery to me since next-week-preview dialogue has never been a consistent indication of the true nature of the coming episode as of late. If anything, I’m looking forward to just how far Kanade will go to tease Jirou yet, in the end, ultimately fall for him in the midst of growing competition from Subaru and this ‘new challenger’.


2 thoughts on “Mayo Chiki 04: Butler vs. Maid! Mouth to Mouth?!

  1. Kanade is a real mystery to me. I am not sure if the likes Jirou or just plain yanking him around. Guess time will tell. Other than that, a pretty standard epsiode for me.

    • Kanade is to Mayo Chiki as was Lupin IV was to Hidan no Aria =). Except Kanade is more sly and less clumsy than Riko. Ironically, Riko’s VA will be voicing this new character next episode! Woooo.

      For a harem, this show has been doing well in getting me to like each female character in their own unique ways, unlike a series like IM@S where I drudge over certain character arcs and insert songs.

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