It’s The Only NEET Thing To Do 04: The Ramen Girl


Trouble brews when Min-san not only gets shafted repeatedly by a shady customer who barely sips a bowl before throwing change on the table and leaving (in presumed dissatisfaction over the quality of the ramen), but also gets her precious chest wrapping stolen by a VP in lingerie fashion. Quite the spin on Alice’s usual mystery-of-the-week format, but I still enjoyed it. It helps that Min-san’s character and her plight as an abandoned daughter caring for her father’s ramen shop are likeable, especially given her ‘bancho’ attitude.


While I see the potential issues of introducing filler-type episodes so early into a series, I also like when it’s able to flesh out its characters in order to make the road to its finale even better. Ironically, this makes me think of Shigofumi meets Ookami-san to Shinchinin no Nakama-tachi (both J.C. Staff productions), both of which I remember having lackluster endings. Despite that outlook, Kamisama no Memo-chou/NEET/Heaven’s Memo Pad (I still wonder what definitive title it should be called) has been promising across its four episodes, even in light of this week’s filler-esque episode.


It was a nice touch for the writers to highlight the unchanged door lock that Min-san has to her place, which she also hinted at least week. In light of beefing up security to find the burglar(s), she refused to have the old lock change in case her father actually came back one day. While not the safest and probably most logical idea since her father could just as easily return while the shop is open for business, it allowed for the subsequent break-in and theft to happen.


And conveniently, it lead to this scene. It was touching for her father to secretly come back just to give her ingredients and his original ramen recipe that she could never figure out, but it’s a shame that that’s all he came back for. I just wonder how many people saw it coming from a mile away in the opening minutes of the episode that the man in the shades and ball cap was really Min-san’s father.


As for the lingerie VP burglar, I had about the same expression as everyone in the room when he suddenly went on a passionate declaration of his ability to sense women’s bra sizes with just a glance. Imagine if Alice misinterpreted both culprits as actually being connected to one another. That would have made the entire situation even more awkward to begin with.

On the topic of awkward, I found the song they used during the big reveal to be out of place. We’ve been hearing it whenever Alice pieces the last big part of the puzzles to her cases, but it’s usually associated with more grim and dark situations. Piecing together the sarashi theft and the revelation of Min-san’s father’s intentions made the song seem really out of place.


Aww, Alice and Min-san both get mysterious gifts. Way to utilize your bounty for what he’s good at. Poor Narumi for taking the abuse after Alice gets offended, and facepalm to Min-san not knowing what her gift was.

Next week: Narumi goes PR-Yu-Gi-Oh on us, and Alice’s precious bear gets torn up in the wash.


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