Usagi Drop 04: Identities


This episode’s three highlights: Kouki and his mother’s increasing interactions with Rin and Daikichi, respectively; the continued mystery of Rin’s biological mother, and the interesting social changes parents must witness/guide their children through upon entering primary school.

Oh, and let’s not forget more heartwarming scenes of Rin being Rin. Daikichi’s utter bunny-hair-tie fail may actually work in Rin’s favor for the kids’ upcoming talent show despite how messed up it turned out.


Week four did a great job in transitioning the characters into more of a comfortable calm-before-the-storm atmosphere before some more radical changes in their lives take place. Daikichi continues his honeymoon-esque encounters with Kouki’s mother, Kouki himself is starting to back Rin up at daycare which is slowly building up their friendship, and Daikichi is settling into his position at work socially thanks to his other coworkers being parents themselves.


But as dramatic as the possibilities may seem for our cast of characters, the show never really seems to take their circumstances to any particular extreme. Even the nice little cliffhanger at the end seemed to have Daikichi under control of the situation.

But like all good moments, they must come to an end at some point. And how Daikichi will deal with what’s coming, as well as how he’ll be able to either keep it from Rin or decide on telling her, will be the most intriguing part of the next episode.


Also, it was interesting how Kouki’s mother pointed out the social changes that children will be going through once they start attending primary school. How the kids have to reverse their thought process on trusting everyone to being selective was an interesting highlight in thinking about how society handles trust between familiar folks and strangers nowadays, especially for someone like me coming from a background of rather uptight discipline. Nevertheless, I’m sure the viewpoint makes more sense from a parent’s eyes since their little loved ones are being left away from their supervision and guidance for a good portion of the day; safety is always first.


Aaaand this is all we get of the mysterious Masako-san. Makes you wonder how in the world Rin wound up with her shade of hair color… or maybe just me.


As usual, no next episode preview, but we do get a glimpse of Rin attempting to acquire onee-san status with lipstick. Please make sure she doesn’t grow up too fast, Daikichi!!

So how will Daikichi’s conversation with Masako turn out? I’m most curious about whether he’ll be able to uncover her reasons for what she did in the past and if she’s ever going to make amends. Judging by the overall premise of the story and how true to life the cast can be, I’m sure it won’t be for quite some time, but one can still hope. And speaking of judgements, hopefully Daikichi himself won’t go overboard with his protective mannerisms and hurt a potentially rewarding fact-finding session.


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