Mawaru Penguindrum 04: Two-Faced Lovers


Mamiko Noto stole the show. Hands down. Her role as sly actress Yuri was an excellent fit for the mature (or scruffier) onee-san type of voice that she’s been using since Hanasaku Iroha last season. She did well to be pitted against Ringo this week, and all it took was that sinister glare to set her straight in knowing who should be the real woman in Tabuki-sensei’s life.

Do we even know what the penguin drum is yet at this point? Well, we sure are getting closer.


Ringo’s delusions of grandeur make up the bulk of this episode as she tries to align destiny with reality by getting Tabuki to fall for her on their ‘date’ to the park. The delusions were a great concept to introduce, but I quickly became tired of seeing Ringo act so..unfavorably in each situation; so much so that I’m glad Yuri finally stepped in halfway through to proclaim that Ringo will never have a chance at Tabuki.


Further fueling the fact that Ringo is an outright stalker (and now a dangerous one at that), we get a rather shocking cliffhanger towards the end as we learn how one of her diary entries sadly comes true. It looks like Ringo will stop at nothing to thwart those who she thinks will get in the way of her and Tabuki, and I can’t help but wonder just how low she’ll sink before the supposed penguin drum in question either consumes her completely or is lost forever by her selfish actions. Bad news for Himari if the latter will be the case.


Next week: Shouma attempts to borrow Ringo’s notebook in what can only be an attempt to both save her from herself, as well as to find out if the questionable object will really save Himari. As long as we continue to at least get some awesome Himari moments (see above for monumental forehead shine that would make even Ritsu jealous) and the now-very-much-missed Survival Strategy sessions, I’ll be able to stand Ringo and her progressive descent into pure madness.

(Post title is a homage to one of my favorite Vocaloid/Hatsune Miku tracks, which happened to be very fitting for how Ringo’s and Yuri’s personalities seem to be. Can you guess which track? ^_^)


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