Sacred Seven 03-05: Shiny Jewels


It seems as though leaving Sacred Seven alone for three episodes didn’t seem to hurt my chances of attempting to cram too much story into one post. Sure, new Darkstones appeared each episode and our heroes continued to find ways to thwart their uprisings, but the last two episodes really just seemed like empty fillers that could have easily been done away with.

On a lighter note, we at least got to see the characters warm up to each other. Wakana’s got everyone almost jazzed up about her passion for all things rock-related, Nanami and Ageha are getting to know the main cast better through Wakana’s growing friendship with Alma, Ruri, and Kagami, and Hellbrick is… well, Hellbrick is just plain awesome. Who cares if he’s just a stone that helps the cast sense Darkstones. Alma and Ruri? Well, they’re having fun playing with their lightstone jewels and spending a fortune on purchasing new ones to restock their supply, and that’s about it. Nevermind that we seem to now be aware of other groups using Darkstones for their own mysterious purposes or anything like that. Let’s just wait a few more episodes to lay the story down thick.

We find out back in episode 3 that Knight Kijima and Fei are out for revenge for the parties responsible for nearly turning Kijima into a Darkstone. Vaccinations are all that’s left to keep him from fully transforming. Yet for almost a half hour, Alma gets practically nowhere with apprehending Kijima, and we conveniently get introduced to a new challenger per se – a female Darkstone user who merely seems like a pawn just to spice up the fights.


Not much happens in episode 4 beyond some possible foreshadowing about the public’s acceptance of these Darkstone battles via the entire student body discovering Alma’s fancy red-scarf getup. Hilarious was their reactions in thinking Alma was just cosplaying for a show, and even more hilarious was Ruri’s naivety for not realizing until the end of the episode why she felt so moe-moe. I mean, if you drink that many bottles of a fictitious love potion, something’s bound to happen to your senses, especially if you’re Ruri. But back to the serious note, I do wonder just how involved these Darkstone fights will become in society and whether this will still be kept a secret or eventually blow the story up into one giant (but hopefully entertaining) mess.


This most recent episode was a convenient excuse for the cast to take a trip to the beach, get lost in a suspicious pyramid, pretend like they’re in an Indiana Jones movie while trying to escape, and destroy the Death Star eliminate the Darkstone occupying the space. But I’ll admit that the mild suspense in the latter half of this episode kept me more tuned in than the previous weeks. Either this show is hinting at a stride towards better episodic direction, or my senses have dulled this much to start ignoring the illogical scenarios the writers keep throwing at us. And I’m not even going to go into detail about the one ultimate weapon that was ultimately never fired. What a waste!

Still, one of my friends put this show into a great perspective and nonchalantly claimed that the show is just “one of those you really don’t talk about but watch anyway”. And he’s right. Now that this show is coming up on its 6th week out, I have to say that I’m comfortable with the characters introduced so far. And maybe that’s the single factor in me sticking with this show since the story itself is rather loopy to me. But unlike my friend’s comment, I can’t help not talk about it as much as how it can’t be helped that the 5th episode had to show the usual mandatory scenes of the girls in swimsuits.

At least for the upcoming week, we get a rematch and hopeful resolution with Kijima, which should put us back on track with the main story

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