It’s The Only NEET Thing To Do 05: Behind the Music


Alice and the Gardening Club are called into action by Soichirou in order to properly promote an up and coming female rock band. Meanwhile, Alice whines and complains that she’ll be losing Narumi’s usefulness as her personal housekeeper while he and Ayaka take care of business, and we discover that there’s been more to this band’s promotional efforts than meets the eye ever since Soichirou and his gang picked up where previous, shady group left off.

Last I remember an all-girl band needing this much protection, Girls Dead Monster was performing in front of a gym-full of students just to steal meal tickets while their bodyguards fended off the single most dangerous threat to their existence in the afterlife. Meh, too bad ‘reality’ isn’t as dramatic, it seems.


When a new character looks like Yugi Mutou, it’s hard not to classify him as being suspicious. Enough subtle flags were raised throughout the episode to help me suspect that he’s behind some of the major reasons why the band being helped cut off the Yanagihara group in the first place. Trouble at the bar in a local musical venue? Vague fireworks embroidery on his shirt? Troublemakers always out to get him? We still don’t have enough evidence yet that links him to any group for that matter, but it definitely raises eyebrows when he’s seen in next week’s preview sharing a drink with Narumi like when Narumi and Soichirou ritually shared sake. Perfect for Renji since Narumi is now a direct link to the Hirasaka group. Maybe Renji is even linked to the guys who posed as Hirasaka members and infiltrated one of the concert venues.


To me, the biggest draw in this week’s case is the question of just how important or relevant this band that they’re promoting is. Why two major Yakuza groups switched between backing the band and why there still seems to be animosity brewing within the former of the two groups is what I’m most curious about. The band either has to have some really good value behind their history as a group, or they better be hiding some really awesome secret. Renji’s sketchy appearances in front of Narumi seem to be the biggest lead thus far in getting us closer to the answers.


Thankfully, for those a bit less interested in the current arc have a lot of (mild) Alice fan service to go around. Everything from getting her most important stuffed bear damaged in the wash to going extreme-dere mode over Narumi’s kind words of support despite her teetering emotions about the well-being of her precious, under-appreciated assistant can be found in ample amounts in this episode.


Also, not gonna lie. These two make a great team. They should just create their own marketing firm with a giant greenhouse in the middle of the building and life would be grand for the both of them… and their staff. Yeah, don’t forget the staff… of NEET, perhaps? Yup, I’m having Eden of the East withdrawals.


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