Sacred Seven 06: Th-th-the Medicine!!


So this is what happens when TRON meets the Dark Knight and clashes with the Matrix while on a very bad camping trip in a distant forest. I like where this show is going.


Beyond the hype surrounding Kijima and his struggle to find a more appropriate way to obtain serum other than from poor Fei, Arakune (or SP depending on what she really goes by) makes an extended debut in her Darkstone outfit. Her flashy moves against Kijima Knight were the highlight of this episode with her fighting style akin to something of a mixture of Mugen’s odd, no-holds-barred moves coupled with some fancy gymnastics and some Neo-esque aerial maneuvering. While it doesn’t match the brute force that fancy-pants Yuuji seems to exert, it certainly seems to show just how useless he can be when Arakune goes out on the offense. Or maybe I’m just being sympathetic for being the only one caring that she got critically stabbed in the left arm. Geez, no manners; help the poor girl out, someone!


Speaking of useless characters, Arma’s doing quite a decent job in that department. Now that Ruri is virtually inaccessible even by Kagami and their super awesome maid forces, Arma can’t even transform and hunt down Kijima. Hmm, maybe they’ll find a way to kidnap and/or use Fei to get to Kijima instead of conveniently using the tracing module that Arakune secretely planted on Kijima before he fled the scene. An eye for an eye, right? Or in this case, blood for blood.


Is this Kagami x Arma thing just like of the Shizuo x Izaya pairing troll that was so apparent in ‘DRRR!!’? If so, then I’m pretty sure all the fujoshi viewers of Sacred Seven will easily contribute to enough DVD/Blu-ray sales to help this show successfully gain a second season. Nothing against fujoshi; I mean, whatever floats your boat, right? I’ll just have to remember to bring earplugs with me to the next Bandai panel because the fan reaction at the last DRRR!! panel I attended almost caused me to lose my hearing for the rest of the day.


Looking past the blatant (and poorly executed) tension between Arma and Ruri, I’d say this was still a good episode to watch. It brought about some more relationships between groups of characters that I wanted to see develop, namely the extent of involvement and support of Yuuji and Arakune, as well as Arakune’s increased screen time through some rather impressively animated fight scenes. When this show wants to get a bit extreme on the action, it does well. Conversely, it’s doing a very unconvincing job at generating genuine and worthwhile tension between its main characters for the sake of keeping the story rolling (sans any intentional rock/stone puns). Then again, it’s always been a love/hate series up to this point, so any and all facepalm moments are more than welcome for me by now. I just hope that the writers at least make up some acceptable reason for dragging Ruri’s kidnapping deeply enough into the story for her as-yet-proven ability to generate a different type of serum for Kijima. Her blood should generate her own, power level over-9000 jewels to feed to Arma.


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