Mayo Chiki! 05: Twin-tailed Blackmail


Bunnies and penguins seem to be the biggest hits in animal associations this season. I don’t mind sticking with calling our new pink-haired contender Usagi instead of Usami like Jirou originally did. In any case, just how fast does one need to go down a narrow street with a scooter to cause an unavoidable pedestrian collision?! That certain someone needs their driving privileges revoked and to give her scooter to me so I can take it around town and put it to better use.


That’s basically the face I had when it came to Usami’s intentions for getting involved with Jirou’s life. If she has a picture of him and Subaru hanging out at a local arcade with Subaru decked out in the girls’ school uniform with her hair down and they still don’t realize she’s female, then what exactly does it take for people to notice the obvious truth? I honestly just hope that Usami winds up realizing it but also just becomes another advocate of Subaru’s secret. Especially with Jirou’s no-brainer decision to lie to Subaru until he can finish covering her by keeping Usami at bay, it makes a the show a bit more refreshing when we have to now deal with both Usami and Kanade toying with Jirou’s heart.


For a show that’s all about blatant misunderstandings, this gave Subaru a nice opportunity to shine with just her and Jirou in the nurse’s office. Kanade’s stunt last week caused a nice little rift to build up between Jirou and Kanade, and Subaru unknowingly walked right into the middle of the mess. As awkward as the scene was, I was kind of relieved when Kanade chimed in to interrupt things.


Poor Subaru. Of course, I’m sure she’ll be made aware of Jirou’s true plight to keep her identity intact, even at the cost of broken promises. It’s ironic how Jirou had to lie to Subaru just to protect her. But I’m sure no good dead will go unnoticed, especially in this type of show. Still, Subaru’s outright girlish refute of the situation further pushes along my question as to why no one in this school (or this story in general) can spot her true gender by now. Then again, this must be one of those unwritten laws of anime. Yeah, I’ll just take it for what it is.


Kanade fans will rejoice for this episode from her Jirou-mount move. On another ironic note, it would be interesting if all Kanade ever winds up being within this mix of characters is support for Subaru and Jirou whatever main coupling rises to the top by the end of the season/series. Eri Kitamura sure has a one-up with these types of support characters.

Next week (or rather in a few hours depending on how you look at it from my delay in writing this), it looks like we get a speed run through Jirou’s ‘date’ with Usami, as well as the arrival of the cultural festival? Gee, I know we’re only five episodes in, but I guess the show’s not going to waste any more time than it needs to on its arcs. Not knowing how the manga is shaping up to be helps me keep the guessing game here, but I actually wouldn’t mind slower development for the side characters.


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