Mayo Chiki! 06: Duel Wield


Wrong on so many levels because of everyone’s misunderstandings about Subaru’s perceived gender. It’s as if the show is trolling viewers like me who just want everyone to realize already that Subaru is female, yet the creators keep throwing these instances in like her choice of costume that shouldn’t be boggling my mind. It still does. Ugh. I’ve been had.


The West Side Story vibes run strong with this episode. The chairwoman of the group that supports the BL pairing of Jirou and Subaru debuted this week wearing an outlandish sheep costume just to warn Jirou of an upcoming fight between said group and the S4 committee. The results? Hilarious after we find out who acted as curator for the event. It wasn’t even a fight so much as it was an equally entertaining quiz show. It was fun seeing Subaru helpless for not knowing a single answer to any of the questions that were directly/indirectly about her. Kanade’s own involvement sought to close out the lingering question of her own feelings of Jirou, which didn’t run as deeply as many probably would have hoped. But for all of the lies and cover-ups just to protect Subaru, you have to admit that Kanade and Jirou did a fine good job as a team to keep her secret safe.


Well, Usami is still a bit of a mystery to me. Her seemingly sudden request to transfer schools and her lingering eyes as she saw a fellow student meet with her parents to show them around the festival sent a lot of confusing signals as to where in her personality these things came from. What is/was her family like and are those familial ties the biggest contributors to her introverted nature? I mean, there’s definitely something deep going on in that head of hers when she uses her guise as the girlfriend of Jirou for the sake of avoiding solitude. But it seems like she has way more personal problems than she’s let on these past two weeks. At least her declaration to stay by Jirou’s side to cure his gynophobia is going to add some more dynamic situations between the main cast that I’d mentioned I was looking forward to in the coming weeks. Besides, who doesn’t want another troubled, twin-tailed tsundere archetype to add to the typical harem?


Next week: yep, it’s mandatory. Beach episode! My sweet megane, I think I may just fall out of my chair from Subaru’s glasses. Nevermind all the things that could go wrong when Jirou is surrounded by all of his femme fatales in attractive swimwear.


2 thoughts on “Mayo Chiki! 06: Duel Wield

  1. Nice anthology using West Side Story, but think as far as content goes this show is tops, lol. I also got the same vibe ^^ And Duel Wielding = Winning! Although, it was funny since that comment goes both ways (which took me five minutes to think about, lol). All-in-all, nice epsiode and some more mindless fun that defies logic to most fans chagrins (Subaru’s gender should been obvious some think).

    And yes! Subaru Megane is win!

    • I think I’m going to start using “my sweet megane” now instead of “omg”. It’s pretty catchy.

      So does that make Jirou a switch-hitter in the eyes of the school then? O_o

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