Sacred Seven 07: Truth and Lies


More Fei/Knight development as they do some double dating with Ruri and Arma in their super-secret batcave hideout to tell a little more about Kenmi than meets the (unseen) eye.


As usual, Sacred Seven demonstrates that its premise can be rather illogically amusing while staying serious in its overall delivery. The story itself continues to reveal more about the dirty history of the individuals responsible for the supposedly inhumane experiments carried out upon those with Seven powers. Kijima and Fei’s true extent of involvement in those experiments can still be interpreted as false to a certain degree only if or when Kenmi’s own viewpoints are taken into consideration. Arma and Ruri are right not to take any sides yet. But all signs still lead to Kenmi having more demons in his (gym) closet than the good graces he shows off around Arma and Ruri lead us to believe.


The easiest way to judge Kenmi for what his true intentions are without actually seeing his actions towards the end of the episode is to look at the appearance of the slightly deformed humanoid Darkstone that nearly squashed Fei’s head in battle. No one but Kijima knows what Kenmi said under his breath about the Darkstone, which complicates the road to understand just who is right and wrong with their beliefs. Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m still giving Kenmi a chance that he’s really not as evil as he’s making himself out to be. I just wish we knew a little more about the Seven powers’ origins and intentions in this series at this point, especially since there are only five episodes left (unless I’ve missed something in the last seven weeks). Again, all signs point to Kijima and Fei being true victims to a power forced upon them against their will, so I suppose we can stick with that for now.


My vote for this week’s most ridiculous but still entertaining moment: Arma chasing after Kagami to get to Ruri, and Hellbrick slappy reality in his face by telling him he’s pretty much useless without her help. Arma, do you really think that leaning forward on that tiny scooter of yours is going to help you pursue Kagami in his luxury sedan? Arma even got verbally slammed by Kagami after not considering Arma as extra manpower that he needs to help rescue Ruri. Burn.


Oh Arma and Ruri. Your GAR poses deserve photoshoots and wallpaper. And Hellbrick needs to be made by someone in real life along with the different garments Ruri dresses him in.

Next week: chibi Arma, possible origins of the Aiba foundation, and more of Hellbrick getting into indirect trouble by his comrades. Seriously, when is he ever going to catch a break without quite literally breaking into pieces?


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