Usagi Drop 07: You’re Gonna Carry That Weight


I was either going to go with Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” or the Beatles’ “Carry That Weight” regarding Haruko’s introspection about her marriage and family. Looks like the infamous Cowboy Bebop reference won, along with that monstrous arm of strength Haruko displayed. If Daikichi lifts enough heavy boxes of garments and other textiles at work throughout the week, why did he struggle to lift a single purse?


Whether Haruko’s marriage is on the rocks or not, it’s hard to think she’s the victim when it was slowly revealed that she’s generally been pessimistic about living in the moment. Her claims about wanting to just be a good wife to someone as soon as she landed a stable corporate job versus wanting to stay a young girl forever were probably the biggest catalysts in causing her to feel so conflicted with herself. The pessimistic attitude she displayed when her husband finally came to pick her and Reina up from Daikichi’s house spoke volumes of this, as well as how thoughts like that will probably never allow their marriage to go the way she wants it to. Still, things never quite go someone’s way until they actually do something about it, and that’s something Haruko hasn’t been able to confront and utilize for fear of Reina’s well-being.

Haruko’s problems aside, that awkward moment with Daikichi trying to justify Haruko’s presence with him at the grocery store was pretty epic. Daikichi must be some sort of epitome of the shy, overly-thoughtful bachelor who always finishes last. Just ask Nitani-san out, already; you’ve nothing to lose!


Reina and Rin couldn’t have put it any better when they both proclaimed how ‘adults are so weird’. Seeing both Haruko and Daikichi get told was priceless. I mean, with all of the societal clutter that people inherit over the years, it’s pretty much the truth. We all go through many dramatic moments and unions in our lifetime that it’s a wonder how many of us can forget how simple life really is.


So, what’s Haruko going to do about the issues in her life? She’ll just continue to deal with them as they come, and continue carrying the weight of those issues on her shoulders for the sake Reina and the rest of the family. Quite noble and selfless of her, and I like how there’s a huge duality to her decision. We can argue all day long about whether it’s right for someone to do things for the sake of others or if they should really look out for themselves (or even which of those two come first if combined). I think it’s personally tough and changes the entire perspective of the overall rationale when you have someone you love dearly in your wings while making those decisions.

Okay, so I’ve been mentioning in my previous posts about this show that there are never any next-episode previews. Well, I have to correct myself because I usually skip over the OP/ED to save time, and I just found out this week that the preview is embedded for a few seconds into the ED credits. Woops! So, without further ado:

Next week: Daikichi and Rin visit a house! Is it gramps’? Is it Daikichi’s parents’? I read the manga and I already forget.


And the usual short skit at the end was right on par with my own experiences in department shopping with family. As a kid, I dreaded those moments in the retail fashion stores waiting for the girls to finish trying on dozens of combination of clothes. Showing Kouki and Daikichi in complete boredom while Nitani-san had one more outfit for Rin to try on was classic. Don’t we already get how similar the two boys are?


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