Mayo Chiki 07: My Sweet Megane


Nakuru’s thumbs-up for Subaru’s Punyuru’s borrowed glasses look pretty much sums up this routine beach episode. At least Kanade had the actual decency to downplay Subaru’s gender properly by getting everyone to think it’s Subaru’s female cousin from a not too distant town just stopping by for the ocean breeze.


In an industry of harem shows and cliche beach episodes, Mayo Chiki! actually managed to be more tame than I thought it’d turn out to be. As a harem, there aren’t as many girls to shuffle around; all we have are Kanade, Subaru, and Usami. Right now, I’d say the girls are ranked in that order listed in terms of closest to Jirou. Whenever Kanade enters the scene, she immediately steals the show. Such is the case of the first few minutes of this episode when she gets Subaru to over-drug Jirou and have him stay with Kanade in a private beach-side inn so that he can pretend to be her passionate lover gone missing from home for not having proper permission from Kanade’s family to marry. D’oh.


Turns out Kanade’s really only doing Jirou a favor by helping him train to fight off his gynophobia. What better way than to surround him amongst attractive women on a nice, warm summer day for an entire twenty-four hours.


Of course, even Kanade has her weaknesses, such as when she slyly gets Punyuru/Subaru to call her ‘onee-chan’. Kanade’s reaction via jello collapse was pretty epic.


Aside from giving Usami more screen time with Jirou and extra Subaru/Kanade fanservice for viewers everywhere, the fun in the sun was basically a setup to pave the way for some back story about Subaru’s mother. From a purely nonsensical beach episode, it delivered the usual without disappointing one bit. Even the way Subaru’s gender secret was played (by mostly Kanade) was extremely refreshing for me in particular since I’ve literally been pounding by head against the wall week after week for how illogical the characters react to situations where it’s rather obvious that Subaru is female. I’m glad the creativity’s finally being let loose a bit instead of lazily having everyone’s ignorance cloak the obvious.

Next week: chibi-Subaru means awesome flashbacks! And the preview dialogue was hilarious. Who knew donating blood could be so… umm, intense.


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