Sacred Seven 08: An Offer He Can’t Refuse


After another one of Hellbrick’s mishaps from not being properly glued back together by Arma, Ruri takes it upon herself to seize the situation and take Arma with her to find the piece of stone necessary to fix Hellbrick once and for all. Little does Arma know of Ms. Aiba’s true intentions hidden behind that ominous, black ‘Aiba Foundation’ portfolio containing a written contract to bind the two’s efforts together by way of legalities. Necessary? Only because Ruri and Arma probably have the worst communication skills ever. And painfully enough, an entire episode was dedicated to highlighting exactly that. At least it’s not a magical girl contract.


Well hey, it’s Sacred Seven. I know I shouldn’t take the drama too seriously because of the lofty way the series has been written so far. Sure, Ruri is terrible at conveying her insecurities properly, and Arma doesn’t think before he says anything. The ‘date’ was somewhat messed up even before it began thanks to their clashing personalities. But thankfully, it’s one of those combinations of traits that can be worked out through several corny moments and even more awkward exchanges of dialogue that just make you want to cheer the two of them on for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they’re all they’ve got. Or maybe I’m just being brainwashed by Megumi Nakajima’s heavenly insert song this week.


Still, the entire dating segment that basically ran this entire episode was pretty painful to watch. And by painful, I mean agonizing. The one redeeming factor behind Ruri’s stumbling attitude with Arma (and vice versa) was the telling of his childhood surrounding the town of Kamakura that he and Ruri were visiting. We get a better understanding of why he became so withdrawn and lacked any friends after a certain point in his life. The only person to really support him back then was his mother, with whom he frequently had to move to various towns with in order to either keep him out of trouble or keep his powers from the public eye.


Ruri x Arma fans should be embracing this episode with open arms. I’ll still take it for what it is despite how excruciating it was to watch conflict that could have been resolved within the first five minutes of the show. But again, this is Sacred Seven we’re talking about (as usual). Without looking too deeply into it, we’ve had another week to stall for the tension with the Menmi group to build up, as well as revisit what happened to Ruri’s sister. Still no word on her fate, but now that I think about it, the Menmi group might have an answer.


This was also a nice little twist. What the heck was Arakune doing in Kamakura?!

Next week: runner’s high! Actually, I’m not really sure. Looks like Arma will be called upon to use his powers again, and it could possibly involve him with the student body once more. Four more episodes and we’re still getting hints of more filler. Not a good sign. But hey, as long as we have more Ruri-chan goofing up, then I’m fine with that.

(Yup, I know my standards are dropping when all I care about anymore are Hellbrick antics and Ruri-chan being Ruri-chan. Uh oh.)


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