Mawaru Penguindrum 07-08: The Cake Is A Lie


This week’s combination post of the two latest installments of Mawaru Penguindrum focuses on the drastic changes of Ringo’s destiny into what looks to be the climax of all of the things gone in the opposite direction. So what do you do when fate winds up never going your way and you’re forced to accept a harsher reality than planned?


The direction of episode seven was great in the sense that we got to see even more ridiculous ways for Ringo to win Tabuki over. By far, the most easily entertaining and perceptually misunderstanding scene these past two weeks had to have been Shouma’s shamed laugh of resignation and defeat as Ringo attempted to extract eggs from a frog/toad as part of a love potion to seduce Tabuki. Shouma’s penguin companion didn’t help the situation any further, either.


Conversely, I felt as though there had to be a limit in the buildup to how far Ringo could go. By the eighth episode, I was relieved of guessing and cheered about the direction the show took after we found out what Project M really was to Ringo, as well as what happened to Ringo’s diary. Right now, the big question has to be just how important was it in the first place if 1) almost none of the written entries aligned to reality up to this point, and 2) it’s now probably rendered useless (at least physically). Perhaps the powers of Ringo’s destiny are beyond a simple journal and her highly drugged cake and just manifest in her psyche at will.


Surely, only assassin-girl (voiced by Yui Hori!) and her mysterious caller know the truth, and even two whole episodes didn’t help to give any further hints on the intel she knows about beyond what we know about since the sixth episode.


Ultimately, the show tails back around to remind its viewers that Ringo and the brothers’ intentions are more similar than previously assumed, and that the classic work-together strategy is probably what we’re leading up to. Although the preview for next week highlights this vaguely, Himari’s dialogue seems to hint at a conversation with Ringo, who’s the only other person besides her brothers that she can confide in.


Does anyone else think that the end-of-episode illustrations are awesome? It’s starting to make the poorly drawn segments of this show (particularly the eighth episode) stand out a little more. But then again, I can’t tell anymore if that was done on purpose, or if the show’s budget really is getting stretched this late into the season.


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