It’s The Only NEET Thing To Do 08: Be A Man, Do The Right Thing


The truth behind any story can easily be uncovered if you just let it unfold as and when it should. It’s a hard lesson Renji had to learn before he found out what really happened to Hison, as well as why Soichirou never bothered telling him. At least Renji got a couple of new shirts out of all the trouble.


It’s all in the embroidery. Alice probably having been the only one to decipher it, the white t-shirt wound up being the single piece of evidence connecting the entire four-episode mystery of Renji’s plot for revenge, Soichirou’s wounded past, and Hison’s sketchy disappearance/death. What her true fate is is something I won’t mention here, but I definitely enjoyed how the answer was underneath my nose this entire time. I must say, this was a successful wrap-up to an arc that feels like it’s been a long time coming.


And Alice goes gaga over Narumi’s reciprocated intent to be there for her no matter what his helping handicap may be. So, the obedient and almost-useless dog of the detective organization winds up proving himself quite a bit more useful, even though it took four episodes to prove it. I also stand fast to some of my ramblings about the pacing of the show. Great direction and script writing, but I suppose the show must be looked at from a character-driven perspective rather than a case-by-case basis like this series was doing in its initial episodes. The cases may keep on coming and going, but it’s the attention to detail in the characters’ strengths and flaws that will really have me missing this show once its season run ends.

Next time on NEET: baseball! And Alice as a coach? How fitting.

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