The iDOLM@STER 09: Objection!


This show hasn’t been on my blog reel, but I couldn’t stop myself from not mentioning this particular episode. Ami and Mami finally get their time to shine together this week as opposed to solely being in their respective idol groups, and the results of their Pheonix Wright interrogations around the alleged pudding disappearance from the 765 Pro office refrigerator comes to a fantastic close.

(Spoilers after the jump, so don’t read this if you’re still looking forward to watching it!)


So after all of the false accusations and wasted time on interrogating the up and coming idols of 765 Pro, we come to the conclusion that it was, in fact, Azusa’s raging appetite to blame for the disappearance of the big box of pudding. What baffles the mind even more is that there were at least ten or so cups inside of that box that she easily consumed. Hell hath no fury like a dieting idol’s empty stomach, especially if it’s Azusa we’re talking about. Interesting how she was virtually unseen for the entire episode except for the initial mystery-murder filming and the very last few seconds of screen time when she was standing in front of the garbage can regretting her actions. Hmmmm.


Lesson learned this week: if you’re an average idol who works for a company that has a refrigerator containing a lot of sweets that could potentially ruin your dieting streak, just remember – there is no spoon.

So, iM@S has been a great show thus far. Nine episodes in and I’m really getting used to seeing the groups of girls work together for whatever jobs they can get their hands on. Even the integration of Ryuuguu Komachi’s radio interview with the case buildup was done in good fashion and kept my attention high throughout this week’s episode. As far as the idols themselves, my favorite of the bunch is the always-sleepy but surprisingly competent Miki, followed by Kotori Otonashi (even though she isn’t an idol in the animated series). And this is coming from someone who has never played the video games, so to have an avid watcher like me root for Miki probably says a lot to the anime’s faithful adaptation of the games. Can we has a spinoff or a few episodes dedicated just to Otonashi please? =)

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