Usagi Drop 09: When It Rains, It Pours


Having Kouki’s mom over for dinner while Kouki is forced to borrow Rin’s clothes pretty much sums up how much closer together these two families are becoming. And what better timing for some family bonding than during a rather rough typhoon.


More possible foreshadowing was dropped this episode by way of two major branches in the story – Daikichi’s higher realization of Rin’s needs as his surrogate daughter accentuated, and how he truly feels about Yukari. In a sense, it’s not so much the romantic type of emotion running through Daikichi about Yukarias it is the human need to fill any gaps in what he considers to be a complete family; Yukari and Kouki seem to fit the bill for achieving that. What Yukari feels is left to be desired, but the umbrella scene was a good indication in the right direction to at least build up the trust between the two families. Out of personal experience, coming home to an occupied house definitely feels much better than an empty one, especially when comparing the Nitani’s recent visit to the Reina and Haruko’s stay-over a few episodes ago.


Next week: the two families go out together during what looks to be some time off from work (given Daikichi’s scruffy beard). Really mellow stuff this past week, and I’m looking forward to even more hijinks between Rin and Kouki, especially since he really only listens to her anymore instead of his own teachers!


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