It’s The Only NEET Thing To Do 09: Pinch Hitter


For an episode that strayed from all of the serious business the past four weeks or so, the only question I have aside from a few that came to mind about this baseball-centric story is this: just where exactly were the bacon-wrapped hot dogs?


The crew of NEET detectives get their outdoor exercise in the form of a healthy game of baseball against the local Yakuza after Major complains of his unfair rent increase. Little did he and the others know that the head of this particular group of Yakuza is actually a former pitching star from three decades ago. It was a nice change of pace from the serious tone that was set for almost an entire month prior. It reminded me of how ironically and equally corny some of the cases may be when they get integrated into a side story like this. Who’d have thought that the key to victory would be because of the power of the internet and one game developer’s fascination with said star pitcher? Of course, I still didn’t find out until it was utterly revealed (which probably goes to show my rather excellent deductive skills as a detective). At least no one was really hurt in the process this time. And no, I don’t count Yondaime/Soichirou as a casualty; his injuries carried over from the prior arc so that’s just his fault for pushing himself.


As usual (at least for me), Alice steals the show once again. Aside from her so-so coaching abilities and her will to intervene when the going gets tough, I thought it was fitting for Alice to morph into a baseball otaku overnight. She even used the Nagato-tactic to throw off Nemo a bit.


Next week: Narumi’s GAR rating gets tested once more upon the revelation that Ayaka’s brother is back in town. Looking forward to the darker past of the usually always bubbly Ayaka. And Narumi predicting all of this as a calm before the storm? Hmm, looks like quite a few major things are going to shake up the world of our favorite NEET detectives.


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