Usagi Drop 10: The Porridge Cure-All


Parental courage rather than Rin’s sickness is what the story seemed to focus on. There was quite a gap in the differences between Daikichi and Yukari in their capacity to nurse their loved ones back to good health. For his stature and good intent towards Rin all this time, he seemed frail and weak in his inability to properly react to her condition. At least one thing’s for sure: last episode’s family togetherness between the two main families did this episode well for how comfortable they seem in willingly reconvening at Daikichi’s place on a whim. Sure, Rin’s health was a good excuse to come over, but it’s that sort of comfort that is helping remind Daikichi that he needs to start picking up the slack and beginning conveying that same emotion to others, especially in front of an ailing Rin.


It was a bit awkward at first to see Rin in the initial stages of her stomach flu with the way the animators colored her raised cheeks. The sudden detail in her eyes really made her look like a porcelain doll for a few seconds and added some realism to the art that I’m still not used to yet. I don’t even remember if she was drawn with that much detail at the same point in the manga. It makes me wonder what Yukari would have looked like at the end of the episode when it is revealed that she caught a similar bug.


Ironically, the biggest worrywart aside from Daikichi was the same one to succumb to the same flu. Yet it was nice to see both Yukari and Daickichi emotionally support one another during their respective bouts with depression over their respective child’s state of health and well-being. Yukari got extra points in my book for showing up at Daikichi’s door step not once, but twice just to help nurse Rin back to normal. Even Kouki attempting to contribute to the good deeds by bringing Rin some drinking water was a great addition.


Daikichi’s inner thoughts have always intrigued me, as displayed by his meandering through the school hallways while comparing his change in lifestyle different times in his life. I’m sure everyone is guilty at some point of doing this wherever they’re walking or driving or taking some form of transportation. When compared to how lots of us connect with others in our lives nowadays via social networks and mobile devices, it was interesting to see how Daikichi felt about his life expanding beyond the drudges of his comfortable job.


This week’s VIP: Nitani-san! Too bad she got sick shortly after Rin’s recovery, too. I wonder if it was also the same stomach flu.

Next week: Umm…nothing much but Rin checking out a loose tooth and Daikichi getting comfortable with a weight scale. Which is funny because despite such a lackluster preview, that’s exactly how I would want this series to continue, and it’s probably the only acceptable way to portray this persistently down-to-earth series.



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