Sacred Seven 11: Community Service


After facing problems with tax evasion accusations that are probably true in hindsight, the Aiba Foundation is brought down by authorities and everything starts to hit the fan. If not for our wonderful team of maid soldiers and little miss trump-card Fei, I doubt the cast would have lived to survive past this point in time in the story.


When I meant that everything was hitting the fan, I meant that for everyone except our favorite antagonist, Kenbi and his still awesome female acrobatics master, Arakune. And talk about most awkward scene of the series. I’m not sure how great it is to have a giant pink holographic triangle sticking out from your chest to your back, but Kenbi seems to think it’s good enough to make him invincible now that he’s obtained the darkstone of Fei’s brother. Little does he know what secret powers Fei actually has up her sleeve to counter Kenbi’s awkward excitement.


Now, whether the decision to integrate Aztec history into the story was a logical choice seems to be the most questionable aspect of this episode, but at least it allowed for an ever so slightly better understanding of the origins of the Sacred Seven cores. Let’s just say that all you need is love. And lots of blood. Ouch.


Admittedly, this was the scene I looked forward to the most: the return of the now-unemployed maids out to rescue Ruri without having to be bossed around by Kagami. It’s nice to see them take charge out of pure honesty and without regard to payroll, and it made for some greatly missed humor. For how fast the girls neutralized Kenbi’s armor-clad men, it made me wonder if they’re really that skilled, or if Kenbi’s men are just a bunch of idiots.


For missing out on about two or three weeks’ worth of blog content for this series, I’d say I jumped back in at a great time. The past two episodes brought in some nice fluff for the Aiba twins’ history, which helped make this scene a bit more dramatic for me than what I’m sure most people thought of as an easy way to close the gap a little more between Arma and Ruri. It’s too bad we probably won’t see them fight together again until either next episode or the episode after (if this really is a two-season show), but all of the little tidbits about Fei’s secret power and Kenbi going on a power trip helped up the ante in terms of action and buildup for the next airing.

Oh, and Kagami proved to be rather useless again this time around. I thought that was amusing, yet still very unsurprising. Just when has that mobile suit of his done any good for the group?


Next time on Sacred Seven: the Aiba Foundation is restored, or at least now in full-on community service mode; and a confrontation at Kenbi’s residence? I hope Arakune gets friendly with Arma and crew and invites them to sit with her at the couch and drink some juice listening to some music through her Beats by Dre headphones.


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