Sacred Seven 12 (Final): A Reason To Live


Aoi’s appearance this week: mere flashback or a sign of what’s to come? As the story draws closer to its finale, lots of loose ends are tied and crystals shattered. Will either Kijima or Kagami ever prove themselves useful this late in the game? Did we really see Arma break character and shed some honest manly tears? Will Fei’s Darkstone transformation ever make its way into the hands of a skilled vinyl figure artist? And will Kenmi ever know the concept of self-restraint in his path to master Darkstone God-mode?


What an intense 24 minutes that was. After turning into a reptilian Midas on us halfway through the episode, who’d have thought that Kenmi would go down so easily against the power of Arma’s almighty drill and make way for the true threat to the Sacred Seven world: Fei. It’s a shame that her extremely adorable Darkstone transformation didn’t really do much harm to Kenmi and, instead, left her wide open for a Sacred Seven jewel transfer that caused Fei to absolutely lose it and run rampant above Kenmi’s headquarters.


And Kijima’s nearly useless role the entire season was redeemed as well this week with an awesome transformation into the white ranger Grimmjow the White Knight. Although Fei’s brother ultimately could not be saved, at least her and Kijima live on to continue bettering the world through their newly reformed powers.

Which now brings me to list the top 5 most awkward, in true Sacred Seven tradition of storytelling, moments in this week’s epic finale:


Most Awkward Sacred Seven Finale Moment #5: I’m not crying, it’s just sweat!

Yeah, I felt the same way when Aoi was reunited with Ruri.. on the inside. But it was funny to see Arma almost completely break character yet again and turn into a softie. Either that, or he has a loli-complex towards Aoi that would make for great material for a spinoff season.


Most Awkward Sacred Seven Finale Moment #4: Maid University’s Entrance Ceremony

Speaking of spinoffs, the Aiba Foundation Maid Force ought to have their own series like Railgun did for the Index series. Don’t get me wrong, I love this group. And now that Aoi’s regained consciousness, they should double their (wo)manpower. Tactical maid espionage would so win in my book.


Most Awkward Sacred Seven Finale Moment #3: Eternal Ego Trip

Even beyond the grave, Kenmi’s ego still pollutes the air. I say good riddance, but it’s awefully entertaining to see his grave passed up so nonchalantly by none other than Arakune of all people. Good for her; she deserves a peaceful life ahead of her in freedom to consume all of the snacks and soft drinks she wants.


Most Awkward Sacred Seven Finale Moment #2: White Clothes Don’t Keep Us Any Warmer, Fei

Even after a change of outfit color befitting of his new direction in life, Kijima still doesn’t understand how the weather works even when standing on top of a skyscraper in the middle of winter. I nearly spat at my monitor from being unable to control my laughter at his remark about the breeze.


Most Awkward Sacred Seven Finale Moment #1: Aoi’s Competition

Back from crystallization for only a few days now and Aoi is already stirring up jealousy among Ageha and Nanami. The power of loli is apparently strong with this one. It’s only a matter of time before Kagami tries to rationalize Aoi’s physical age out of the equation in order to justify some sort of emotional attraction to her. Ugh.

For all of the outrageous moments this series is known for, the last episode for the season proved to have just enough suspense and action worthy of the type of finale I was expecting. It looks like the threat of Darkstones will continue to be around, so I don’t see the characters disbanding and going their separate ways just yet. As a matter of fact, Arma probably shouldn’t have tossed that jewel into the water for Emerald Weapon another Darkstone to consume. Character-wise, we had some nice wrap-ups with the Aiba Foundation being re-instituted, the Aibas themselves getting along just fine and spending time with their fellow schoolmates, and Hellbrick continuing to be the awesome comic-relief stone that he/it has been this whole time. Just what Ruri and Arma have in store for themselves after the finale is up in the air, but I presume it’s one of those happily-ever-after endings.

Final Thoughts

I’m certainly going to miss this show. Even with the announcement of a spinoff to tell Kijima’s story a little more clearly, it just won’t be the same without looking forward to a series each week where ridiculous (and sometimes nonsensical) moments mix in so entertainingly together. When looking at all twelve episodes with that in mind, it’s easy to recommend Sacred Seven as an action/drama, borderline-shounen for anyone looking for a guilty pleasure of a story. Sure, some of the direction may have seemed like the creators were all delirious at times when writing out the script as if they were college students cramming to finish last minute term papers, but the humor (whether intentional or not) behind those weak parts in the story more than made up for said faults. I’m willing to forgive the show for the sake of appreciating its good musical timing, well-drawn action scenes, and rather unique cast of characters (and their seiyuu). Last but not least, big kudos to Megumi Nakajima for playing a role other than the hopeless romantic Ranka-type that she’s nearly grown to be associated with. For being a relatively unknown voice actress only a few years ago, it’s nice to see her trying roles outside of her comfort zone. More serious roles please, Megu-chan!

Final Raiting: 7.5/10; enjoy with an open mind!


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