Mawaru Penguindrum 10: Cherish Your Memories


Thanks to Hikari and Hibari’s Tokyo Sky Metro ads for efficiently summing up just about everything that happened this episode, we’re now left with the concept of how memories are just as important as the individual destinies some of the characters seem to be adamant at adhering to. Some use those memories to uphold the dreams of the past, and others use them as a means to an end. But if one’s destiny is already torn in half, how does one recover the pieces to keep said destiny alive?


Everyone’s favorite yandere queen of the season is back! But this time, she actually lays low with those agonizing Tabuki-related skirmishes and focuses on minimizing the guilt she now feels over Shouma’s actions that prevented her from getting run over two episodes ago. It’s nice to finally see some sympathy out of this girl. Unfortunately, it works to her disadvantage as she completely overlooks who the mysterious nurse is that enters Shouma’s hospital room, drugs him, and then abducts him to a strange alternate-world-like puzzle of corridors as ransom for Kanba to collect.

On a side note, if any cafes decide to theme their store like Good Smile Cafe does from time to time, then they’d better do a Penguindrum theme and keep the details. Easy Penguindrum merchandise sales.


As I alluded to earlier, this week’s theme focuses on what happens to destiny when it strays from the norm and what one does to either hold onto said destiny or create their own path. Up to this point, all we ever saw was Ringo getting denied of the plans she either wrote or was simply just following in her diary without any concept of adjustment to circumstances beyond her control. Last week was a good example of analyzing those circumstances through the eyes of Himari’s past and the breadth of her acceptance of each divergence along the way. Now that those two important concepts have been introduced into the story, I can’t wait to see how it’ll all come together and if/when Ringo will realize that she might actually need not recover the other half of her stolen diary. The power of her memories should do just fine.


As far as this mysterious hunter goes, she’s still looking to complete her interpretation of Project M through her tainted memories of Kanba’s own misgivings of the various presents he’d rather not receive from women. And while this scene took me surprise, it really shouldn’t since we somewhat already understand how much of a womanizer Kanba can be. For hunter-girl to have fallen for him at some point, then exact revenge on him later on in life to prove a point to him, it says a lot about just how deep of a past these two had. Yet despite not knowing who she’s been reporting to all this time, we still don’t know whether she’s playing a bluff to get what she needs, or if she’s acting out of her own volition for some other selfish reason.


A new challenger appears! Does s/he have anything to do with the alternate reality that Kanba and Shouma fell into, or a stake in the central library annex? And based on his/her appearance in last week’s Himari-centric episode, is s/he another candidate to be fate’s true bride instead of Himari? Now that some of their similar powers is introduced, I’m sure have no choice but to see some sort of face-off to see who can yell “survival strategy!!” the loudest while wearing their penguin hat.


Next week: Ringo is determined not to rely on others anymore to make her dreams come true, so she dumps any notion of help from the very person who saved her life. No hints on hunter-girl’s progress in achieving what she desires, but at least we got to hear her seiyuu sing the ED theme song. Now that was quite the unique change of pace. I was used to hearing Yui Horie in her deeper voice as hunter-girl all this time that it was as if I was hearing Minorin or even Narusegawa singing instead. Oh, nostalgia; how you bring up shows I used to watch nearly eight years ago.


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