2011 Cherry Blossom Festival, Southern California [Preview]


Los Angeles-bound for Saturday and Sunday for Little Tokyo district’s 10th annual Cherry Blossom Festival! This year’s theme: “Blossoms in the Fall”. It’s a shame the festival had to be postponed this late, but at least it didn’t get cancelled; now we’ll be able to enjoy our first cherry blossom festival before the year ends!

Because of this, ani-blog posts and updates will be a bit light until I can get back home and onto a computer in the evenings. Lots of interesting developments in the final weeks of the Summer anime schedule have started to accumulate, so this should be an exciting few days of content to talk about.

You can follow updates about my experiences from this weekend’s cherry blossom festival on my twitter (@jeremyrafanan) and in my twitter feed on the left column of this blog. Here are just some of the events I’m looking forward to:

Saturday, September 23

* Fujima Kansei Odori Kai – Contemporary Style Japanese Dance
* Kimono Fashion Show
* Everything from the Hawaiian Village stage
* Ramen Tree & Choichi Kai
* The Animaid Cafe and Pacific Media Expo Harajuku Fashion Show
* Ajuku Girls
* Senka
* SouLandscape
* Goltz Judo Club
* South Bay Jeet Kune Do
* Balintiwak International – Filipino Martial Arts
* Hanabi Ondo
* Shiawase Samba
* and of course, food and drinks!

Sunday, September 24

* Geta Dance – Miyuki Matsunaga
* Panache Orchestra: Icono-Classical Insurgent Melody
* Mochi Cafe
* Pacific Media Expo Cosplay Contest
* The Otafuku3
* L.A. Wu Shu
* Filipino Martial Heritage – Filipino Martial Arts
* Shinkendo – Japanese Sword
* and more food!!!

As you can see from the list, there will be loads of events to cover. And on top of all of this, we’re going to be taking advantage of the Metrolink weekend passes to get us to and from home!

How many of you will be in the area and will drop by this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival?


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